Facebook Ads Glossary: Reference of All Important Terms [Infographic]

Facebook Ads Glossary

Facebook advertising can be a bit complicated. There are endless terms and features that you need to know about, and this makes learning advertising on Facebook a challenge.

That’s why I created this Facebook ads glossary, and now why I’m excited to share my first (professionally done) infographic!

Bookmark this and keep this baby handy for later!

This is just one in a series of infographics that I’ve published lately that will help simplify Facebook marketing for you:

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Facebook Ads Glossary JonLoomer Infographic

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  • http://www.postplanner.com/ Scott Ayres

    Awesome bro!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks Scott!

  • Jacob Sapochnick

    great infographic Jon.

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Jacob!

  • Sarah Kostusiak

    This is so helpful thank you! FB ads are daunting…maybe at least I can decipher some of the FB-ese.

  • http://FlourishandProsper.com/ Stan Dubin

    Thanks, Jon, and may this bring you scads of new customers!

  • Emeric

    Here come’s Jon’s infographic, good work! It really viually shows the depth of features available with Facebook ads, awesome!
    Now I need to get mine out :-D

  • http://pinstagramguy.com/ Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

    great job, just pinned it ;-)

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Ivo!

  • http://xpedrooliveirax.wordpress.com/ Pedro Oliveira

    great job Jon but I didnt “Pin” :))

  • http://www.thesilentseller.com The Silent Seller

    Great value in this Jon thank you for your sharing. Pinned,scooped and spread far and wide

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer


  • Dan

    That’s a pretty sweet infographic. I didn’t know FBX was the lingo for the retargeting. Definitely seeing retargeting explode over the last few weeks. In MY sidebar at least. Question for Jon or anyone: When you switch to conversion tracking on FB ads, is there a way to determine website clicks? When I tell Facebook my goal is website clicks, I can find the info easily, but when I switch to conversions being the goal, I can’t seem to find the info. All I see is the generic “clicks” and “unique clicks” which don’t isolate the clicks directly to my landing page. (as opposed to Likes or comments). I want to get a sense of how many people aren’t following through with the transaction once they land. Thanks!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Use the new Facebook ad reports. You can then control the columns to be whatever you want!

      • Dan

        hot damn, there it is. Thanks, Jon!

      • Clare Burgess

        Sorry probably my lack of knowledge but how do I do this in the new ads reports?

  • kgal1298

    I’m going to print it and put it in the office. Then maybe I can stop having to explain the terms every other day.

  • http://www.scribetree.com Rebecca

    Awesomeness tied up with string! Thanks Jon!

  • Melissa, Visual Inspiration

    Great job on your first infographic!

  • http://whiteglovesocialmedia.com/ Anna Bennett

    Great infographic! Pinned on Pinterest!

  • Tibor

    Dear Jon! I have an issue with my ads manager, I am the only admin in the account and when I try to update my campaings facebook replys : User x does not have access to campaign y. How is this possible ? It was working last night properly, then I installed an app called Social ads manager (android) and now I can’t manage my account. It is my private ad account not clients.
    Very nice infographic !

  • colin cousins

    Awesome info graph thanks some great stuff

  • http://www.antavo.com/ Zsuzsa Szabo

    Jon, I just linked to this post, our customers really need it!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer


  • http://www.UnStuckable.co Christopher Wilson

    Awesome design and helpful! Thanks.

  • Val

    Will there be any update? As the Facebook ads platform recently had some changes and introduced ‘Ad Sets’ and such.