Where Should I Start?

Maybe you’re new to Jon’s content or new to Facebook advertising. Consider this your roadmap.

Below is a collection of links to help send you in the direction you’re wanting to go…

Who is Jon?

Jon considers himself an accidental marketer who started jonloomer.com after getting laid off in 2011. He’s a baseball stats nerd and father of three boys, who prioritizes time with his family over anything else.

You can learn more about Jon’s story on his About Me page here:


What is The Focus of This Website?

The primary focus of this website is Facebook and Meta advertising, with a primary audience of advanced Facebook advertisers — and those who want to become advanced. Jon often writes about ad strategies, tests, features, and metrics, with a slant on applying strategies in unique ways.

Facebook advertising changes quickly, so the first place you should go to stay updated is the blog page:


What are Core Advertising Philosophies?

Everyone’s advertising philosophies are unique, but Jon summarized his advertising philosophies as follows:

  1. Experiment Often
  2. Don’t Blame the System
  3. Understand the Algorithm
  4. Embrace “It Depends”
  5. Update Your Assumptions
  6. Be Ethical to a Fault
  7. Keep it Simple
  8. Metrics That Matter

You can learn more about each of these philosophies here:


What Articles Should I Read?

Jon has written well over 1,000 articles over the years, so there’s a lot to go through. When in doubt, prioritize new content. If you aren’t wanting to learn about a specific topic, start with the most recent blog posts and work your way back…


If you want to learn more about a specific topic, you have a few options.

1. Use the search at the top of this website. Using keywords, you’ll get a list of pages and blog posts that may be helpful.

2. Read the Beginner’s Guide to Meta Advertising. This will give you the building blocks of posts to read.

3. Research tags. Jon tags every blog post. Here are some of the more popular tags as of the date of this page’s publication:

Learn more about Custom Audiences…

Learn more about Lookalike Audiences…

Learn more about iOS 14…

Learn more about lead ads…

Learn more about Custom Conversions…

Learn more about pixel events…

Learn more about standard events…

Learn more about custom events…

Facebook Ads FAQ

We’ve created a Facebook ads FAQ to address many of the questions we get. This may be a good place to start…


Facebook Ads Glossary

Unsure about what certain terms mean? Check out our extensive Facebook ads glossary…


Where Can I Follow Jon?

Jon tries to be just about everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and often elsewhere. You can find a full list of his social handles here:


Does Jon Have a Podcast?

Yes! He started The Pubcast with Jon Loomer back in 2012. While the format and how he’s used The Pubcast has evolved over the years, he’s still updating it regularly today.

Learn more about The Pubcast — listen to episodes and subscribe from your favorite platform here:


Can I Hire Jon?

While Jon isn’t taking on advertising clients, there are a couple of options. They can set up a one-on-one with Jon to discuss your current advertising efforts or Jon may know someone who can manage your ads if it’s a good fit.

Learn more about booking a one-on-one here:


Or reach out at the email address below if you have more questions:

[email protected]

Is Jon Available as a Podcast Guest?

Yes! Jon often makes himself available as a podcast guest to talk about Facebook advertising and his entrepreneurial journey. If you’re interested, provide additional details at the email address below:

[email protected]

What are Jon’s Membership Levels?

Jon started the Power Hitters Club, his exclusive online community, back in 2014. Depending on the level of membership that you join, you can get access to the following benefits:

  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly webinars and replays
  • Jon’s training library
  • Discounts on one-on-one sessions with Jon

To learn more about the PHC, go here:


There are also package deals for agencies. Learn more about these options here: