Lightning Strikes: On Price Changes, Inquiries and Responses

Lightning Strikes

How should you price your products and services? Which comments and questions require a response, and is there an obligation? Topics for the Pubcast…

Facebook WCA: How to Create a Sales Funnel Without Email Addresses

Nurture Sequence Without an Email Address

The typical sales funnel with an email nurture sequence is effective but has a major flaw. Here’s the fix with Facebook Website Custom Audiences.

Chocolate and Stout: Finding a Niche Within a Niche

Finding a Niche

Pull up a barstool… Jon changes direction in this week’s Pubcast, sharing insight on finding a niche within a niche and when to delegate.

Facebook Conversion Tracking: Why Aren’t the Numbers Adding Up?

Facebook Conversions

Conversion numbers from Google and Facebook rarely add up. Here’s why, and what you can do about it…

Facebook’s New Lookalike Audiences: What You Need to Know [Video]

New Lookalike Audiences Video

This video focuses on everything you need to know about targeting Facebook users similar to your fans, website visitors and more…

Facebook Content Strategy: Is it Better to Post at Non-Peak Times?

Facebook Posting Strategies Peak Times

Will you reach more people on Facebook if you publish when fewer them are online? It seems counter-intuitive, but these results speak for themselves.

Pop the Guinness: Lessons Learned and Reflections on Public Speaking

Public Speaking

It’s time to break out the celebratory Guinness and talk about breaking through barriers, overcoming fear and taking control of your professional life

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Website Visitors, Fans and Conversions

New Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook now allows advertisers to create Lookalike Audiences based on fans, Website Custom Audiences, conversion pixels and more…

Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post?

Facebook Reach

What percentage of your fans — who were online at the time — did you reach with your post? Learn how to find out here…

Building a Business: The Importance of Structure

Building a Business

In this episode Jon talked about going outside of our comfort zone, business structure, reaching milestones and setting business goals…