Pop the Guinness: Lessons Learned and Reflections on Public Speaking

Public Speaking

It’s time to break out the celebratory Guinness and talk about breaking through barriers, overcoming fear and taking control of your professional life

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Website Visitors, Fans and Conversions

New Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook now allows advertisers to create Lookalike Audiences based on fans, Website Custom Audiences, conversion pixels and more…

Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post?

Facebook Reach

What percentage of your fans — who were online at the time — did you reach with your post? Learn how to find out here…

Building a Business: The Importance of Structure

Building a Business

In this episode Jon talked about going outside of our comfort zone, business structure, reaching milestones and setting business goals…

Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure: A Hands On Tour

Facebook Campaign Structure Tour

Here is a step-by-step tour of the new Facebook advertising campaign structure using Ad Sets, complete with a real-world example…

The Changeup: Facebook Timeline, Newsfeed and Scheduled Posts

Facebook Timeline News Feed Changes

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss the Facebook timeline redesign, the “new new” News Feed, organic posts and scheduling posts…

Facebook Page Timeline Redesign: The One Important Change

Facebook Page Timeline Redesign One Important Change

Facebook has redesigned the page timeline, and there’s one very minor change that could make the biggest, positive impact.

A Second Test: Are Brands Organically Reaching the Facebook News Feed?

Brands Reach Facebook News Feed

The overwhelming sentiment from brands is that they aren’t reaching the News Feeds of their fans. So how do you explain these results?

Keeping it Real, The New Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Page Tagging

Keeping it Real Jon Loomer

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss a reasonable work-life balance, the new Facebook ad campaign structure, Facebook page tagging and more…

New Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure: The Addition of Ad Sets

Facebook Campaign Structure Ad Sets

Facebook has updated the advertising campaign structure to include a third level, ad sets. Here’s everything you need to know…