Pop a Cork: Making the Shift with Facebook Ads

Making the Shift with Facebook Ads Jon Loomer Pubcast

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss the Facebook Fraud dustup, the death of interest targeting and WCA lookalikes…

How to Sell on Facebook [Video]

Sell on Facebook Video

In this video I cover How to Sell on Facebook using targeted audiences, sharing content, and collecting email addresses.

The Death of Facebook Interest Targeting: Shifting Budget Priorities

Facebook Interest Targeting

Interest targeting of Facebook ads was once the best way to reach your ideal audience. That’s no longer the case. Do these things first…

A Beer and a Blog: Navigating the Rules for Success

Social Media Pubcast Jon Loomer

Pop a bottle! Jon reflects on the decisions and mistakes he made that led to a successful and profitable blogging strategy.

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: Everything You Need to Know [Video]

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Video

Have you started to use Facebook’s new call-to-action buttons on organic posts and ads? Here’s what you need to know…

WCA Lookalike: Target Facebook Users Similar to Website Visitors

Facebook Website Custom Audience Lookalike

Facebook now allows you to target users similar to people who have visited your website in ads via Lookalike Audiences. Here’s all you need to know…

Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?

Facebook Fraud Response

Are Facebook ads a waste of money? That’s what a popular video called Facebook Fraud is saying. Here’s another perspective and some things to consider.

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: Create for Ads and Organic Posts

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

You can now add native call-to-action buttons to organic link posts and Facebook ads. Here’s how you can do it!

Experimenting with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Social Media Pubcast Jon Loomer

This week’s Pubcast includes reactions and reflections on the SME Top 10 list, experimenting with WCAs, email vs. Facebook referrals and more!

How to Increase Likes on Facebook with Ads [Video]

Increase Facebook Likes Ads Video Jon Loomer

Learn how you can increase your relevant Facebook likes through the use of Facebook ads. Detailed strategy includes features and ad types to use…