How to View the Comments on a Dark or Unpublished Facebook Post

How to View Comments on Unpublished Facebook Posts

Unpublished Facebook posts are very effective for advertising, but monitoring the comments can be a challenge. Here’s how, complete with video!

A Wild Rant: You’re Doing Facebook Wrong!

Social Media Pubcast Jon Loomer

Facebook ads don’t work, you say? Jon uses his experiences during the past two years to go on a wild rant to dispute this ridiculous claim.

14 Steps to Succeeding at Facebook Marketing

14 Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing

Some marketers fail at Facebook. Chances are, they don’t do many of these 14 things that are common among those who succeed on the platform…

Facebook’s Q3 Earnings: 35 Things Every Facebook Marketer Should Know

Facebook Revenue

Did you miss Facebook’s Q3 earnings call? Nathan Latka of Heyo breaks down the top 35 points that you need to know…

A Facebook Page’s Growth Charted Over a Two Year Period

Evolution of a Facebook Page

Two years ago, I decided to start a Facebook Page. Here is a closer look at the charts that map Fan growth, reach, engagement and more.

Facebook Metrics That Matter and an Ethics Debate Concerning User Data

Social Media Pubcast Jon Loomer

Do you know the Facebook metrics that matter, but you’ve been ignoring? That topic along with the ethics of scraping data are covered on the Pubcast!

Facebook Custom Audience Terms of Service: Are You Breaking the Rules?

Facebook Custom Audiences Terms of Service

Several products have emerged that allow advertisers to scrape data to be used in Custom Audiences. Is this practice against Facebook Terms of Service?

4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

Now that Facebook has rolled out Custom Audiences to all advertisers, it’s time to look at some creative ways that you can use them…

How to Master the Facebook Metrics that Matter [New Insights Course]

FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights

I’ve launched a new training program to help you master the metrics that matter and optimize your brand’s presence on Facebook.

The New Facebook Ads Features You Need to Know About [Overview]

Social Media Pubcast Jon Loomer

Facebook has rolled out, tested and accidentally previewed several features during the past week. This week’s Pubcast focuses on what you need to know.

Facebook Power Editor Feature Uncovered: Generate Ad Variations Button

Facebook Power Editor Generate Ad Variations

Is Facebook preparing to roll out a new split-testing feature within Power Editor? Thanks to a bug, we get a preview of a potential tool.

Facebook Saved Target Group Change: Create Audience Using Ad

How to Create a Saved Target Group

Facebook allows you to create Saved Target Groups in Power Editor to prefill your targeting options. But now there’s an option to create it from an ad.

New Facebook Page Level Export: What’s Gone and What’s New

Facebook Page Level Export Changes

Facebook’s Page Level Export has been updated. As a result, nine tabs and 19 stats are going away and being replaced by seven new tabs and one stat.

This is Why You Must Use Facebook Conversion Tracking [EXAMPLE]

Why You Should Use Facebook Conversion Tracking

Why should you use Facebook Conversion Tracking when setting up ads that lead to conversions? Here’s a convincing case study!

New Facebook Post Level Export: What’s Gone and What’s New

Facebook Post Level Export Changes

While much of the focus of Facebook’s recent Insights overhaul has been on the web version, changes were also made to the post level exports.