Missing From Audience Segments

You ever wonder about this?

When you define your audience segments in Ad Account Settings (specifically Engaged Audience in this case), you are limited by the the sources that you can use. Not all custom audiences qualify.

Audience Segment Sources

Create or select a custom audience based on:

What’s Missing

Do you see what’s missing? No options for video, Instagram account, or Facebook page, among others.

Custom Audience Sources

More accurately, you can’t use any of these for defining your audience segments:

No page engagement, video engagement, or followers of your Facebook page or Instagram account.

Why is that?

Does Meta see these types of engagement as low quality? If I were to guess, it’s one potential explanation.

Think about page engagement or video views. A page engagement includes so many actions that it becomes virtually worthless.

Page Engagement Custom Audience

Same with three second video plays from auto-play.

Video View Custom Audience

I can imagine including these audiences as your Engaged Audience probably wouldn’t be useful. Especially since once a video starts auto-playing for someone, they could immediately be included within the Engaged Audience.

In many cases, it isn’t an intentional engagement. Maybe Meta thinks that, too.

What do you think?