Engaged Customers Now Engaged Audience

A few weeks ago, Meta started rolling out the Engaged Customers Audience Segment for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. This gives advertisers more insight into their reporting.

Engaged Customers Audience Segment

I finally have it, and Meta made a worthwhile change: It’s now called “Engaged Audience.”

Engaged Audience

Many advertisers questioned the original name of this audience segment because the entire point was that these people weren’t “customers” yet. The Engaged Audience label makes a whole lot more sense.

How to Create Engaged Audience

If you’re not familiar with it, you define these people by creating or selecting custom audiences in your Ad Account Settings (or Advertising Settings, depending on what you have right now). So, it’s important that you properly and thoroughly use custom audiences to accurately define who your Engaged Audience of non-customers is.

Engaged Audience

You can select from existing custom audiences or create new ones. If creating new custom audiences, you can select from Website, App Activity, Catalog, Customer List, Offline Activity, Shopping, or Augmented Reality.

Engaged Audience

Some Confusion

What still isn’t clear to me is if you need to exclude current customers when creating the custom audiences or if Meta automatically sorts that out because you’ve also defined your current customers. It would be way easier and accurate if Meta does this automatically.

For example, I could create a website custom audience of people who visited my website during the past 180 days and exclude those who bought during that time.

Engaged Audience

And I could create a custom audience of people on my email list who have never bought (which could go back years). But, since that website custom audience only goes back 180 days, it’s bound to include people who bought before that point.

This may seem like a minor issue, but it’s all about accuracy of data. Once it’s set up, you can then use Breakdowns by Audience Segment to see performance by new customers, existing customers, and engaged audience.

Breakdown by Audience Segment

If Meta doesn’t automatically adjust this, there’s bound to be overlap between Existing Customers and Engaged Audience.

Regardless, this is a notable addition to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, and I’d love to see it offered for all campaign types.

Do you have this yet?