How to Create a Facebook Event Custom Audience

If you create and promote a Facebook event from your page, it’s important to engage, remind, and re-engage those who showed interest in it. One way to do this is by running ads targeting Facebook event custom audiences.

Let’s take a closer look…

Overview of Events

First, let’s talk briefly about Facebook events.

You can create an event from your Facebook page.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

Your event can be either online or in person.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

Events can be either free or paid.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

When someone engages with your event, they can choose to indicate they are interested, going, or not interested.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

These are things to think about when we create Facebook event custom audiences.

Create an Audience

First, go to your audiences, select “Create Audience” and then “Custom Audience.”

Create Facebook Custom Audience

Select “Events.”

Facebook Event Custom Audience

Select your page and event (or events). Note that you can select upcoming events or events that have already happened.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

By default, your audience will include people who responded Going or Interested. But there are several options.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

Options include:

  • People who responded Going or Interested
  • People who have responded Going
  • People who have responded Interested
  • People who have visited the event page
  • People who have engaged (liked, commented, shared)
  • People who have engaged with tickets (entered ticket flow and either bought or abandoned)
  • People who have purchased tickets
  • People who had intention of purchasing tickets (only those who entered ticket flow but didn’t purchase)

Determine the number of days people will remain in your audience.

Facebook Event Custom Audience

You can use anything from 1 to 365 days. Note that this updates dynamically.

Use Cases

What are some ways that you can use Facebook event custom audiences? Let’s discuss…

1. Remind those who responded Going or Interested that the event is about to happen.

2. Reach those who responded Going to a prior event to promote a new one.

3. Encourage those who have responded Interested to change to Going.

4. Reach those who purchased tickets to a prior event about a new event.

5. Encourage those who abandoned their purchase to complete it.

The possibilities are endless! It all depends on how you run events.

Your Turn

Do you use Facebook events or target them with custom audiences? How do you use them?

Let me know in the comments below!