Audience Segments for Manual Sales Campaigns

Whoa, look at this!

Now when you create a manual Sales campaign, you should see a Reporting section at the bottom of the campaign.

Audience Segments

What Is This?

This is something that was previously made available for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. You define your Engaged Audience and Existing Customers within your Ad Account Settings.

When you go to your Ad Account Settings, you’ll see validation of this update:

Audience Segments

You can now define your engaged audience and existing customers using custom audiences. This allows you to receive reporting breakdowns for ALL sales campaigns in this ad account.

Not just Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns anymore.

View Breakdowns

In Ads Manager, go to Breakdowns and under By Demographics, select Audience Segments.

Breakdowns by Audience Segments

You will then get separate rows to view results by existing customers, engaged audience, and new customers.

Breakdowns by Audience Segments

This is something I’ve been hoping would come to all manual campaigns, and this is a start. Just manual Sales campaigns for now, but hopefully we’ll eventually see it in other objectives, too.