Meta Needs Frequency Capping for More Optimization Options

One of the issues advertisers struggle with most is controlling the frequency of ads shown. At some point, you’re just wasting money showing the same ads to the same people.

There is no ideal frequency that is best for every advertiser in every situation. Some frequency is good. But advertisers have very few options to control it. There’s just not a whole lot that you can do beyond adding creatives or changing targeting.

Meta needs something. Let’s discuss…

Reach Optimization

One of the nice benefits of using Reach optimization is that you get access to Frequency Capping.

Facebook Frequency Cap

With frequency capping, you can tell Meta to limit impressions to once every seven days, for example (which is the default). But you can customize that however you want. It’s great!

Reach and Frequency Buying Type

Frequency capping is also available when using the Reach and Frequency buying type.

Reach and Frequency

Of course, you may not even know that this option exists — and it doesn’t for all advertisers. Truthfully, it’s not a great option for many because it has such a high minimum threshold for budget that it will price most advertisers out.

But, sure, you can turn frequency capping on there, too.

Reach and Frequency Control

Other Objectives Besides Reach

Unfortunately, the only time you can use frequency capping under the Auction buying type is when optimizing for Reach. Reach has its limitations since you can’t optimize for a specific action, like a conversion. The entire point of Reach optimization is showing your ad to as many people as possible.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control frequency for other optimization options, too?

Now, I understand that there has to be a pretty good reason for why frequency capping isn’t available for other optimization options. I’m sure that this would impact the algorithm and the optimal way that Meta wants to deliver your ads.

But… I don’t know. You can make the argument that you interrupt the algorithm in similar ways when using cost controls like cost caps and bid caps.

So, why not make frequency capping available for other optimization options? Even a simplified version would be great. Something that would allow us to say, “Let’s show this ad, but try not to show it 50 times to this person in a week.”

This may be an exaggeration, of course, but adding an actual lever to this to give us some sort of control over frequency would be ideal. It may allow ads to remain relevant for a longer period of time, too.

Your Turn

How do you think frequency capping might work with other optimization options?

Let me know in the comments below!