Website Custom Audiences: Target Visitors with Facebook Ads (Not FBX!)

Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Facebook is rolling out Website Custom Audiences — possibly the most intriguing update that’s been made to advertising in quite some time.

You’re More Than a Marketer

More Than a Marketer

Marketers have long been perceived as manipulative, deceptive, pushy and providing false promises. This doesn’t work in today’s online world…

This is Why You Shouldn’t Build a Business Entirely Within Facebook

Facebook Business Rented Land

Have you built a business entirely within Facebook? Are you at the mercy of an algorithm? Are you neglecting what you own? Read this…

Text Updates Devalued in the Facebook News Feed… Now What? [Video]

Facebook Text Updates Devalued Video

Facebook is limiting the reach of text updates from brand pages. Why are they doing it and what should you do? Details in this video!

Facebook to Marketers: Stop Using Text Updates to Game the News Feed

Facebook to Marketers: Stop Using Text Updates to Game the News Feed

Facebook has announced that text updates for brand pages will see a drop in Reach. Is it all bad? Here’s everything you need to know…

All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

Facebook Image Dimensions Jon Loomer

Facebook dimensions recommended sizes for cover photo, profile photo, Timeline link and photo shares, desktop News Feed and sidebar, ads and more.

Do Multi-Image Facebook Posts Lead to Increased Reach and Engagement?

Do Multi-Image Facebook Posts Bring More Reach?

It’s a rumor I’ve heard quite a bit about lately. A trick that appears to game Facebook and lead to more reach and engagement. Does it work?

Mini-Webinar Replay: Facebook Organic Reach Under Reported (Sneak Peek)

Webinar 11

In this episode, the following topics are covered: 1. Facebook Under Reporting Organic Reach 2. Sponsored Stories Going Away April 9 3. New Q & A Feature 4. Q&A SNEAK PEEK! Every week, I conduct a free mini-webinar to catch you up on everything that’s happening in the world of advanced Facebook marketing. These webinars […]

Controlled Test Results: Facebook Organic Reach is Under Reported

Facebook Organic Reach Under Reported

I stumbled upon an inconsistency related to Reach. And after a controlled test, I had my answer: Facebook is under reporting Organic Reach.

Why Your Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies are Ruining Ad Targeting

Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies

You mean well, but your bad Facebook marketing strategy is not a victimless crime. It actually ruins ad targeting as well as user experience.

No More Sponsored Stories: 6 Big Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

Facebook Sponsored Stories Sunset

Facebook is eliminating Sponsored Stories from its ad options effective April 9. But several other changes are coming, too. Here are the details…

14 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014

Facebook Marketing Goals

Are you ready to increase leads and revenue from Facebook in 2014? Start by experimenting with these 14 strategies…

What to Expect in 2014

What to Expect in 2014 Jon Loomer

This website will continue to evolve in 2014. Following is a breakdown of new priorities and what to expect in the coming year…

The Digital Entrepreneur’s Resolutions for 2014

Online Entrepreneur Roadmap 2014

1. Don’t Follow the Herd. 2. Be Helpful. 3. Don’t Sell Out. 4. Establish Personal Business Ethics. 5. Say No to Money. 6. Say No to Freeloaders…

The 50 Most Valuable Facebook Marketing Lessons and Tutorials of 2013

Facebook Marketing Guide

Need a roadmap to Facebook marketing success? Start with this list of the 50 most popular posts of 2013…