No More Click Bait: Facebook Explains How to Share Links

No More Facebook Click Bait

Facebook is rolling out changes to the way links — particularly from brands — are distributed in the News Feed. Stop whining and read…

Facebook Updates Campaign Structure Again: New Ad Sets and Ads

New Facebook Campaign Structure

Facebook is updating campaign structure again, this time impacting ad sets and ads. Here’s what you need to know…

No More Facebook Like-Gating: What It Means and Why You Should Care

No More Facebook Like Gating

Facebook will no longer allow marketers to incentivize the like through an app. So what does that mean and how does that change things? Read on…

Facebook Ad Dayparting: Schedule Specific Times and Days to Run

Facebook Ad Scheduling Dayparting

Facebook advertisers can now use dayparting in Power Editor to select the specific days and times they want their ads to run. Here’s how…

Facebook Video Ad Features: Objective, CTA Button, Audience, Metrics

Facebook Video Ads Audience Metrics CTA

Facebook has launched some exciting new video capabilities for brands, both paid and organic. Here’s what you need to know…

8 Effective Targeting Strategies for Building Facebook Page Likes

Facebook Page Likes Targeting Strategies

If you want to build a highly relevant Facebook audience, you need to target the right people. Here are eight groups to start with today…

Facebook Ad Clicks vs. Website Clicks: Do You Know the Difference?

Facebook Clicks Website Clicks Difference

Many Facebook advertisers using metrics like Clicks, CTR and CPC are over reporting their results. Here’s why…

How Much Should You Budget for Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Budget

Setting a Facebook ads budget may be the most important step of the planning process, though most screw it up. Here’s a process to get it right.

Edit Facebook Ads: Link Thumbnail Image, Headline, Text, Description

How to Edit Facebook Ads: Link Thumbnail, Headline, Text and Description

Advertisers can edit the thumbnail image, headline, text and description of link ads — even dark or unpublished posts. Here’s how…

New BIGGER Facebook Right Hand Column Ads: What You Need to Know

New Bigger Facebook Sidebar Right Hand Column Ads

Facebook is rolling out a dramatic change to sidebar or right hand column ads, making them bigger, engaging and possibly more expensive. More here…