Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: Everything You Need to Know [Video]

In the video above, I cover the following:

  • What Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Are
  • Why This is a Big Deal
  • How to Create Them
  • Ways to Use Them

Here’s an example, if you’re curious!

Facebook Page Post Call-to-Action Button

The Important Links

In the video above, I address several features and topics that could use a bit more explanation. Relevant links are below!

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  • http://www.adspringr.com/ Adspringr

    This is real good news for Facebook marketers because you will now see people clicking on your ads with better intent because the CTA buttons define information about the page they would be landing on so much better.

    Jon can you share some results of how this strategy is working out for you?

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Too early to share. Of those who have shared, I’ve heard both positive (mainly) and negative.

  • http://www.iocreativegroup.com/ Kim Walsh-Phillips

    Facebook keeps making it easier and easier for us to get a great response on our messaging. Soon, I would just like them to do door to door selling for me. I think this may be next…

    • Ruby Deubry

      Haha – that would be nice!

    • Akki

      They want us to spend more and more money.. and make us depend on them for everything.. :P

  • Th

    Is it possible to create a custom CTA for the button? For non-english content it would be nice to create a CTA button with the same language as the post.

    • Th

      Ah, seems that the CTA button is in the same language as the ad. That’s good, although custom text would be nice.

      • http://himynameisivo.com/ himynameisivo

        That’s not the case with my ads. All the CTA buttons remain in English regardless of the language of the ad. Am I missing something?

        • Christodoulos Porligis

          Hi all, the CTA button text changes automatically to match the language that the user has set on Facebook in interface.
          You can test it if you preview a post and then change the language while viewing the newsfeed.

          • Guest


  • http://ghergich.com Janel

    Thanks for the post Jon! Great info! We have started testing out the CTAs….I cannot seem to find any information in the reporting menu on CTA clicks. Do you know if there is a separate reporting metric for the CTA buttons? Or do you think it will just be included in the ‘clicks’ metric?

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      I assume it’s included in clicks to website.

  • mitch

    have you ever or can you do a video on adding multiple csv files to a custom audience via power editor. im always having like 20 csv files that are all part of the “same” custom audience i want to create but always individually upload each csv file as its own custom audience which is annoying and must be a beytter way

    a merge tool? or something?
    LOVE your stuff btw – big help in my business – continued success

  • http://www.sticky-marketing.com.au Sticky Marketing

    i love your bloopers Jon! You make me laugh :-)

  • http://www.internetjetstream.com/ Mike Seddon

    Hi Jon, great info.

    It’s amazing how much stuff Facebook keep sneaking out rather than screaming from the roof tops. I wonder if they themselves know how powerful some of their recent features are or whether they think they are just tweaking a few options!

    As a long time Adwords guy I can see how Facebook is really chasing them now.


  • http://www.postplanner.com/ Scott Ayres

    Pretty cool feature. Seeing lots of these in my news feed already.

  • Kirsy

    I’ve only been testing this for a few days but it dubbled my average conversion.

  • Sue Volpi Gelber

    LMAO Jon. You’re just too much, loved your bloopers. You’re dang cute, too. Anyone else promoting their websites so regularly would come across as pushy. You make me want to subscribe, like, and follow! But this is why: You know your stuff, and you deliver it in a fun, self-effacing way =) You are often the first one on the web to share updates, insights and important changes. Well done. I’ve learned a ton. Thank you.

  • Brian Johnson

    Hey Jon, Is there anyway to Customize the button to say something like “VOTE” here?