Answers to Your Six Questions [VLOG]

As promised in my New Years resolutions for 2013, I am going to put a greater emphasis on video this year. That starts with a video blog.

Make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’ll be publishing once per week going forward — likely Thursdays.

The focus in these video blogs will be answering your questions. I will create a post on my Facebook Page asking for your questions, and I’ll select a handful to answer here. I’ll also grab some I couldn’t answer to tackle on my podcast.

What got you into digital marketing?
– Jeffrey SocialMedia Guy Rufino

I’m interested in learning more about ways to grow connection across platforms. What do you do differently from one to the next how do you differentiate the content that goes to your various outlets.
– Kerry Armour

what is the air speed velocity of a un-laden swallow?
– Greg Welch

What is the first thing you would change/add to this page to improve it? You always provide so much info…which is great, but I don’t know where to start. It’s so overwhelming! Thank you!
– Charlene Socia Hatfield

What is the ideal frequency for Facebook CPM ads?
– Carey Hardin

How should small business owners and network marketers design their Facebook page for optimizing Facebook nearby?
– Mike Macey