Funnel Analysis Stage of Conversion Leads Setup

I’m one step closer to getting Conversion Leads set up…

Meta says that setup is 95% complete. I’ve completed configuring my sales funnel and now I’m in the Funnel Analysis stage.

Conversion Leads

Meta says:

Funnel analysis is in progress. We are validating your CRM data to confirm that leads are properly moving through your sales funnel. This can take up to three weeks.

It’s a Process

This process truly can take forever. It’s already taken a couple of months. And it took me years just to figure out how to get this far.

Meta’s documentation says that I could enable Conversion Leads optimization now but I might not see the full performance gains. And, of course, the entire point is to benefit from those gains.

What is Conversion Leads Optimization?

So, a quick recap. This is an option for lead ads using instant forms. You can optimize for either Leads or Conversion Leads.

Conversion Leads

If you optimize for Conversion Leads, the algorithm’s focus will be on funnel actions that happen after subscribing. But, you need to go through this CRM funnel setup first.

In my case, I want funnel events that happen often to help separate dead leads from active leads. So, I pass an event when subscribers click on links in my emails. I want to optimize for leads who are most likely to do just that.

A Question About Quality

Instant forms have a reputation for generating low-quality leads (based on another test I’m running, this reputation may not be fully earned). The option to optimize for conversion leads should help improve quality. The question will be how much it will cost to get those leads.

I can’t wait to try this out, but I’m going to wait until this learning process is complete.

Make sure to follow my videos so that you’ll see my update when I start using this.