Configure Your Funnel for Conversion Leads

I’m happy to report that I’m finally making progress with my Conversion Leads CRM integration.

For the past few years, I’ve attempted several times to get this set up, and I’ve been unsuccessful. It’s always felt like an unnecessarily complex process, and I could never get it to work.


But, I did a few things differently this time and I’m finally advancing through this process. Probably the most important step was that I received technical support from Meta.

Progress of this setup is found within the Settings tab of Events Manager. There, I clicked a link for “Request support for conversion leads integration,” and that has changed everything.

Conversion Leads Funnel

My internal contact has helped me understand what I was doing wrong and even manually pushed the process forward.

Configure Sales Funnel

After sending CRM events successfully for more than seven days, you’ll be able to configure your sales funnel. It appears you should select the same events that you’re passing for this integration and list them in order of importance.

Configure Sales Funnel

Then you’ll be able to select which stages you want to optimize for. Since I’m not sure if this can be updated later, I’m waiting before I complete this step.

Configure Sales Funnel

Conversion Leads Optimization

But, once everything is complete, you’ll be able to run ads that optimize for Conversion Leads when using instant forms.

Conversion Leads

This way, instead of optimizing for the lead itself, the algorithm will focus on something further down the funnel. This is a great way to improve quality if you can get the volume. And lead quality is one of advertisers’ biggest complaints.

Have you set up Conversion Leads integration?