Conversion Leads CRM Integration

Has anyone managed to set up Meta’s Conversion Leads CRM integration?

Conversion Leads is an awesome option that allows you to optimize for leads that ultimately convert. You do this by integrating your CRM and defining your funnel for Meta.

Conversion Leads

This shifts focus from the quantity of leads, which could be low-quality, to conversion leads. After someone completes your form, they need to eventually buy from you.

To use this, an absolutely brutal setup process is required. Even Meta says that it takes about three months.

Conversion Leads CRM Integration Timeline

What’s worse is that it’s different depending on your CRM and some of the instructions are outdated.

I use Infusionsoft, and I swear the Zapier integration doesn’t work. After I pass the lead ID to Infusionsoft using a custom field, Zapier won’t allow me to access that same field for the funnel later.

Zapier Infusionsoft Lead ID

I know I’m not alone with these issues because it’s a common complaint. I’d love to get this set up, but it feels like this process couldn’t be more complicated if Meta tried.

Have you set up Conversion Leads CRM integration, especially using Infusionsoft and Zapier? Let me know!