We Don’t Need a Traffic Objective

This has nothing to do with whether or not you should run “traffic campaigns.” The objective itself provides no value…

Examples of Objective Value

Every other campaign objective has a performance goal that is unique. The only way to use it is to pick its related objective.

Here are some examples…

Awareness: Ad Recall Lift and Reach

Performance Goals

Engagement: Engagement with a Post, Reminders Set, Event Responses, and Page Likes

Performance Goals

Leads: Leads and Conversion Leads

Performance Goals

App Promotion: App Installs

Performance Goals

Sales: Value-Based Conversions

Performance Goals

Traffic Provides No Unique Value

Traffic is known for link clicks, which is found within five objectives. Landing Page Views is found within four.

Performance Goals

You don’t use the Traffic objective because you want access to Impressions or Daily Unique Reach. You don’t even need to select it to get access to Calls or Conversations performance goals (both are also found in Engagement).

There is nothing unique about the Traffic objective. So, what’s the point?

How Meta Can Fix This

There are two ways that Meta can fix this:

1. Come up with a performance goal that is unique to the Traffic objective. An example could be a Quality Traffic metric that advertisers could optimize for.

2. Fold this objective into Engagement. That’s all traffic is otherwise. It’s another form of engagement. This is something I recommended in a recent post about how Meta could restructure campaign objectives.

If you aren’t going to make it unique, there’s no reason to keep it.

What do you think?