The #GetLoomerAJob Contest is LIVE!

When people are in desperate times, they’re prone to desperate measures. Or in some cases, awesome measures.

I just got done “writing” the Official Contest Rules for #GetLoomerAJob. I encourage you to read them. Word for word. In all of their legal — and very non-legal — glory.

I’m kinda kidding, but this is serious. I need a job, and this is an actual contest with actual prizes. And this is a fun little social experiment that we can all learn from.

[Just a reminder that I’m looking for a job (full-time, contract, consulting) in social media/digital marketing strategy. You can see my history in the links in the menu under Prior Work.]

How do you participate? Pretty simple. To get the grand prize, you need to get me a job. I know. Complicated. But be that person who either hires me or puts me in touch with the person who hires me, and you win.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

I don't want to influence the winner or anything, but an awesome choice for a charity would be Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Here is the grand prize package, taken from those Official Rules:

  • $50 donation to your charity of choice
  • A day donated to you or company/charity of your choice on a project fitting Jobless Dude’s skills
  • A month as Jobless Dude’s best friend. As his best friend, he will send you a weekly annoying email and you two will have an uncomfortable cup of coffee over Skype.

Not bad, right? It’s legit.

Now, I’m not going to forget you if you tried to get me a job but were unsuccessful. So here are the ways you can win the glorious 1st prize:

  • Use the #GetLoomerAJob hashtag on Twitter (one point each time)
  • Share a link from on Facebook, use words “Get this guy a job!” and use @Jon Loomer (if you’re his friend). Make sure you share it publicly. (one point each time)
  • Share a link from on Google+, use words “Get this guy a job!” and use +Jon Loomer. Make sure you share it publicly. (one point each time)
  • Get Jobless Dude an interview. The interview must actually take place and cannot be fictional. (10 points each time)

And what, you ask, is in that glorious first prize package?

  • A blog entry written on by Jobless Dude covering a technology subject of your choice
  • Two weeks of being Jobless Dude’s second best friend. As his second best friend, he will call you once a week to talk about how awesome the Brewers are. Because as his friend, you must like the Brewers.

That’s not bad, right? It could at least be a whole lot worse. I’m sure it could be worse…

So help a guy out. Spread the word. You might just get more than that warm feeling in your heart that you helped a guy feed his family. You might actually get “stuff.”