The Facebook Bot Debate [Podcast]


Great podcast this week, my friends! I was able to squeeze in discussion of the following:

  • News about Limited Run’s claim that 80% of their ad clicks were from bots
  • The mysterious AmEx Big Break for Small Business promotion
  • Some great tools that Facebook recently released
  • Why your Facebook advertising fails
  • An overview of some recent changes to this site’s homepage

You can listen to this week’s episode below…

[audio:| Podcast – Episode #10]

Here’s an overview of what I talked about:

AmEx Big Break for Small Business Promotion

A while back, I told you all about a promotion put on by American Express and Facebook called Big Break for Small Business. It was kind of a clumsy promotion, but one that gave out free Facebook advertising coupon codes. I’m all for free stuff, so I pounced on it.

That was about a month and a half ago. We were told then that the codes would come by the end of July. Still no code. I’m going to fight for all of us who haven’t gotten them!

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The Great Facebook Bot Debate

Controversy is swirling around Facebook as start-up Limited Run claims that 80% of their ad clicks were from bots. I have a lot of questions and theories about what is actually happening!

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New Facebook Tools

Earlier this week, I told you all about a couple of great tools that Facebook has put out to help you succeed with Facebook marketing. Click the links below for access to both!

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Why Your Facebook Advertising Fails

I’ve seen it over and over again. Clients say they had no luck with their Facebook advertising efforts. After probing, it’s almost always one of these four reasons:

  1. No Call to Action
  2. No Value Added
  3. Sending to External Website
  4. No Split Testing

Listen as I discuss each in more detail!

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Home Page Changes

One of my favorite people in the industry is Marcus Sheridan, otherwise known as The Sales Lion. I learn a ton from the dude, and much of it is represented on these pages. Actually, check out his site and you’re bound to see the influence.

Anyway, he made some changes recently that I dug and implemented: A home page funnel and “me statement.” Find out what I did and why I did it by listening to the podcast!

That’s it! Thanks for listening!

[audio:| Podcast – Episode #10]