Listen to Me Babble About Blogging and Social Media

MileHiRadio.comIf you missed my appearance on, listen to it here.

I don’t do many radio or podcast appearances, but it’s pretty clear that when you get me going I have a hard time shutting up. Topics include:

  • My new video Timeline: The History of Facebook in less than 90 seconds
  • Facebook marketing strategies: How to get more Facebook Likes
  • Blogging strategies: finding time, content schedules, tips and tricks
  • Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube!
  • Why I hate Klout
  • Why I prefer to spend my time on Facebook instead of Twitter or Google+
  • A whole lot more

Seriously, I practically told my autobiography. I also got into my past with the NBA, the services I provide, how I grew this website and my Facebook presence so quickly and details about the obstacles I face.

I had a great time. Maybe I should do this stuff more often. Let me know what you think. If you dug it, I’ll see what I can do!