A Guide to Dynamic Creative in Meta Ads Manager

Dynamic Creative was discontinued in June of 2024. Meta recommends using Flexible Ad Format instead. Read about the details of this update here.

Dynamic Creative was first rolled out in 2017. And yet, you can make an argument that it’s a feature that has never been more relevant.

The landscape has changed. Best practices are evolving. While testing in years past often focused on differences in the ad set, it’s now shifted almost entirely to the ad.

There are four primary ways to test ad creative:

  1. Run multiple ads
  2. Use the Text Variations feature
  3. Dynamic Creative
  4. A/B Test

The focus of this post, of course, is on Dynamic Creative: How it works, how to use it, best practices, and viewing results.

How it Works

When you create a campaign, there may be several approaches that you want to try when it comes to creative. Different images, videos, and text. You could create separate ads to test out these variations. Or you can use Dynamic Creative.

Dynamic Creative allows you to submit multiple images or videos, primary text, headlines, descriptions, and call-to-action buttons for a single ad. Meta will then mix and match to show variations based on different combinations in an effort to get you better results.

You can submit the following creative variations:

  • Images or videos (or a combination): Up to 10 total
  • Primary text: Up to 5
  • Headlines: Up to 5
  • Descriptions: Up to 5
  • CTA Buttons: Up to 5

These variations won’t be shown equally and it’s not a true split test, but it’s a scalable approach to creative variations. Instead of creating 10 or 20 ads (that may or may not get shown) based on specific copy and creative variations, submit up to 30 creative assets and let Meta find what works.

You’re unlikely to reach it, but know that you can create a maximum of 1,000 Dynamic Creative ads.

How to Set Up

Dynamic Creative is available using any campaign objective. Within the ad set, toggle Dynamic Creative on.

Dynamic Creative

When you do, you may get this message…

Now, create your ad. As noted in the message above, Catalog ads will be deactivated. Select single image or video or carousel as the ad format.

Dynamic Creative

Add up to 10 images or videos, or a combination thereof.

Dynamic Creative

If you use the carousel format, you can only include up to 10 images.

Dynamic Creative

The ability to submit up to five primary text, headlines, and descriptions was originally a Dynamic Creative-only option. It’s now available for all ads.

Text Variations

And finally, add up to five CTA button options.

Dynamic Creative

Optimize Creative for Each Person

Optimize Creative for Each Person was originally unique to Dynamic Creative, but you can also find it when running Traffic campaigns without Dynamic Creative.

When using Dynamic Creative, it’s on by default but can be turned off.

Optimize Creative for Each Person

Enhancements include optimizations like cropping, applying a template, swapping text between fields, creating videos from your images, and more. Most, if not all, of these optimizations have been absorbed into Advantage+ Creative.

Optimize Creative for Each Person

Instead of having the option of turning on Advantage+ Creative when you run Dynamic Creative ads, you can turn on Optimize Creative for Each Person.

Best Practices

When does using Dynamic Creative make the most sense, and how can you get the most out of it? Here are a few thoughts

1. One ad versus multiple defined ads. You have lots of creative and text possibilities, but you don’t have a preferred approach. Instead of throwing multiple ads into the rotation, combine copy and creative and allow the algorithm to sort it out automatically.

2. You don’t care about finding a “winner.” This isn’t a split test, and you won’t find results that tell you which combination is the top performer. But, you’re okay with that.

3. Make sure the assets will work together. Keep in mind that each image and video needs to work with each primary option that you provide. Don’t craft text that refers to your video if you may also have images. It may be best to keep copy short and simple.

4. You don’t need to submit the maximum number of options. Just because you can submit 10 images or videos doesn’t mean you should, just as you don’t need five primary text options, headlines, descriptions, and CTA buttons. If you have a large budget, feel free to take advantage of it. Otherwise, limit what you submit to your best text and creative options.

Segment Your Results

Dynamic Creative isn’t for everyone, especially if you demand full control and transparency. You won’t be able to determine how text and creative are combined. If you want that, just create ads the way you want them. And you won’t see a detailed itemization of results by creative combination.

But, there are a couple of things that you can do…

First, you have access to a Breakdown feature for Dynamic Creative. While in the Ads tab, click the Breakdown drop-down menu and select “By Dynamic Creative Element.” You’ll then get access to breakdowns by creative, text, headline, description, or CTA button.

Breakdown by Dynamic Creative Element

You won’t get results by combination of these elements, but you can get a breakdown by each element. Here’s an example for primary text…

Breakdown by Dynamic Creative Element

While you can’t get results by creative combinations, you are able to manually view the top performing combinations by engagement.

You can access this information by using the instructions below…

Dynamic Creative

Your Turn

Do you use Dynamic Creative? What results do you see?

Let me know in the comments below!