Dynamic Creative is Going Away

Meta is phasing out Dynamic Creative, a feature that’s been a fixture since 2017.

When you create an ad set, you will see this message:

Dynamic creative is no longer available.

Instead, you can select the Flexible ad format during ad creation. This allows you to continue providing creative elements to automatically generate combinations tailored to the people who see your ad. We’ll also show your ad in the format that we predict may perform best.

Dynamic Creative is No Longer Available

The message I’m getting here is inconsistent depending on objective and simple randomness. In some cases, it says Dynamic Creative is no longer available. In others, it’s “going away soon.” And still a few others, it’s completely functional! Regardless, Dynamic Creative is at least on its last leg.

What is Flexible Ad Format?

If you’re not familiar with Flexible Ad Format, it behaves a lot like Dynamic Creative. In fact, I struggled to understand the point of it when Meta rolled it out. One primary difference is that it’s controlled within the ad, rather than applying Dynamic Creative to all ads within an ad set.

Within the ad and under Format, select Flexible.

Flexible Ad Format

Then you can provide up to…

  • 10 images or videos
  • Five primary text options
  • Five headlines
  • Five descriptions
Flexible Ad Format

The only problem is that Flexible Ad Format does not include the ability to provide up to five CTA button options.

CTA Button

This was a unique feature of Dynamic Creative, and I just recorded a video about it recently (because OF COURSE!).

CTA Button Dynamic Creative

The Transition

It never made a whole lot of sense to offer both Dynamic Creative and Flexible Ad Format since they’re so similar. That similarity surely created confusion. Eliminating one makes sense — and keeping the most recent feature is logical.

Hopefully Meta will add the ability to test multiple CTA button options to Flexible Ad Format. Otherwise, this feature will be eliminated with the sunsetting of Dynamic Creative. You’ll need to create separate ads to test different CTAs.