Test CTA Buttons in Ads Manager

Which CTA button should you use?

If you’re ever unsure about your CTA but don’t want to mess with an A/B test, you have an option.

Dynamic Creative

Turn on Dynamic Creative in the ad set.

Dynamic Creative

This allows you to submit up to 10 videos or images, five primary text options, five headlines, and five descriptions.

Dynamic Creative

But if you don’t want to do any of that, no big deal. A nice benefit of Dynamic Creative is that you can submit up to five CTA button options. Go ahead and try out Subscribe, Learn More, and Sign Up.

CTA Button Dynamic Creative

View Results

You can view your results by CTA button using the Breakdown by Dynamic Creative Element.

Breakdown CTA

Select Call to Action and you’ll get a different row for each option.

Breakdown CTA

Remember that this isn’t a true split test, but it could give you some interesting info. Maybe you’ll see a big difference or maybe not. You could potentially use that information to help decide which CTA to use in the future.

I did this recently to find “Subscribe” was my best option (though the results weren’t obvious). Have you used this?