1. A Brief What, Why and How of Power Editor

Welcome to the first lesson from FB Marketing Advanced University: Power Editor!

Today’s lesson should give you an idea of the format of these training sessions going forward. Each lesson will be very structured:

  • Broken up into Sections and Lessons
  • Include an embedded video of the lesson at the top
  • Provide an overview of what you are going to learn today
  • The lesson
  • Recap
  • Your Assignment (hold yourself accountable!)

It’s very important that you complete your assignment. While I won’t be checking your work, it’s best to take action on what you learn for best results.

Ready? Let’s go!

What You Are Going to Learn Today

Today’s lesson is An introduction to Power Editor. We’re going to focus on the following:

  • What is Power Editor?
  • Why Should You Use It?
  • How to set it up

The Lesson

I decided to make Power Editor the first course of my FB Marketing Advanced University because I realize how important it is to your success. Every piece of advice I provide has a trail that leads back to Power Editor.

What is Power Editor?
Power Editor is a free bulk editing tool created by Facebook. It is a browser plugin that is not available within the main advertising interface (it is separate of the self-serve ad tool — the tool 99% of advertisers use).

Why Should You Use It?
The self-serve ad tool is built for mainstream consumption. Facebook attempts to make it as easy as possible to create ads.

As a result, Facebook simplifies its offerings. If you want full access to the limitless features available to Facebook advertisers, you need to use Power Editor.

Many of the best features are not available within the self-serve ad tool. Even if they are, Facebook typically rolls them out to the masses much later.

An example of this is Custom Audiences. This is a feature (targeting your offline customers in Facebook ads) that was made available to Power Editor users a year ago. It is finally now available within the self-serve ad tool.

If you want access to all of the latest features as well as full control over targeting and bidding, you must use Power Editor!

How to Set it Up
The easiest way to set up Power Editor is by going to FB.com/powereditor. Power Editor was initially set up as a Chrome plugin, so you may need to install it.

However, Power Editor does intermittently work on other browsers as well. In fact, I often find that features that don’t work on Chrome do work on Safari, for example. So feel free to check out whether it works for you — at all or better — on other browsers.

You can also access Power Editor by clicking the Power Editor link on the left-hand side within your Ads Manager.


What did you learn today?

1. You learned what Power Editor is and why you should use it.

I shouldn’t need to convince you of why you need to use Power Editor. You’re here! It’s clearly important to you.

But by mastering Power Editor, you will have full access to the features that make Facebook advertising so amazing.

2. You learned how to access Power Editor.

It was set up for Chrome, but feel free to experiment with other browsers!

Your Assignment

Action Items:

  1. Install Power Editor on your Chrome browser
  2. Try Power Editor on all other browsers

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