Schedule Individual Ads for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns have given e-commerce businesses a big boost. They combine machine learning and automation to get your ads in front of the audience most likely to buy. And now there’s a scheduling enhancement.

Let’s talk more about what this update is and why it matters.

Schedule Ads

The typical schedule is set at the ad set level. This is where you determine the days and times that all of the ads within it will deliver.

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns have the primary scheduling in the ad set, too. Although, you could argue it’s technically in the campaign since the campaign and ad set creation is done in one step.

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

But, there’s also a scheduling option when creating your ad. Under the ad format section, you’ll notice an optional schedule to run your ad during a specified time period.

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

If you don’t edit this, your ads will run on the schedule that you set in the campaign. Otherwise, you can manually adjust the schedule of individual ads.

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

While you’d only have one ad set within an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, you could have multiple ads that run at different times.

Ad Schedule Column

To view the schedule you’ve set for each ad in Ads Manager, you’ll need to add a column by using the Customize Columns feature. Search for “Ad Schedule” and then click the checkbox to add the column to your Ads Manager.

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

You could also include the Starts and Ends columns (for the campaign or ad set schedule) and the final product would look something like this…

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

Ad Schedule is specific to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, so you won’t see data in this column for any other ad.

How Would That Work?

While messing around with this, I wanted to see if you could establish an ad start date that begins before the campaign/ad set start date. Well, you can (at least in draft)…

Advantage+ Shopping Schedule

It doesn’t make much sense that an ad would start before the delivery of the ad set, but that’s technically possible here. My guess is that this is an oversight that needs to be corrected, and your ads won’t run until the main scheduled start date.

When Would You Use This?

First, it’s important to reiterate that this is only necessary because you can’t create multiple ad sets within a single Advantage+ Shopping Campaign. In a typical campaign, you might create separate ad sets with different schedules for the ads within them.

Second, this might be used if you want to stagger promotions. You could have dozens of ads within the same Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, but they’ll all compete with one another for attention. You might have three different products that you want to promote, so you can then stagger when each product is promoted to prevent overlap.

Another example would be if you have sales that occur on specific days, so your wording will change during those periods. It may not even have anything to do with your products, but instead the messaging in your ads.

Would This Come to Other Campaign Types?

When I first saw this announced, I thought it was for typical campaigns, not Advantage+ Shopping. At the time, I thought it would be interesting to see it for standard ad scheduling. I’ve since seen a lot of advertisers suggest the same.

The more I think about it, I just don’t know that it’s all that necessary. Again, remember that Meta’s primary motivation for this is likely that you have only one ad set in an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign. Ad scheduling was needed because you couldn’t create multiple schedules without creating multiple campaigns.

For a standard campaign, you’d just create multiple ad sets. But, you could make the argument that an optional ad schedule would simplify things. No need to duplicate an ad set that would keep everything the same, other than the schedule. Just adjust the ad schedule.

I can see the argument for it. I just wouldn’t be surprised if it never happens.

Watch Video

I recorded a video about this, too…

Your Turn

Have you experimented with ad scheduling? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!