Your Ad Agency Might Be In Trouble

I’ve seen advertisers asking a common question lately:

“Why would businesses need an agency to manage their ads?”

This is in response to suggesting broad targeting may actually work or that you don’t need more than one cold-targeting ad set per campaign. They’re worried that if they aren’t executing some super complex targeting strategy, they have no value.

This is crazy to me!

Do you honestly think that you provide no other value beyond your targeting inputs? Because if you do, that’s a problem.

There are so many decisions you make — OR SHOULD MAKE — on a daily basis that have nothing to do with targeting. Attribution, optimization, special ad categories, copy and creative, and the ability to interpret results are just a few examples of other critical skills and knowledge.

Your clients don’t understand these things. Is the problem that you don’t either?

Hopefully, you already know this and leverage these broader skills. If not, let me help. Keep following my videos!