Stop Obsessing Over Surface Level Metrics

Learn from my mistakes! Do not obsess over surface-level metrics…

Back in 2011 I had just launched my website and was trying to find my footing. I wrote a post about Facebook hoaxes that exploded. My first taste of big traffic.

My reaction was to write another post about Facebook hoaxes. Then a couple more.

Each time, I got good traffic. But it was empty traffic. Beyond making a little on AdSense back then, this traffic didn’t lead to business.

I’d eventually learn that I needed to create content that appealed to a potential customer.

The same is true of video views and the perceived need to go viral. It’s okay to look at views — but don’t obsess over them.

If you get lots of views, figure out who these views come from. Does this exposure lead to more business? If not, they’re empty views.

Be aware of surface-level numbers. But don’t let them rule your strategy.

It can go both ways, of course. You may get very few views on a video or visits to a blog post. But maybe you get the right ones that lead to business.

That’s what matters the most!