How Attribution Impacts Performance

Proper attribution is more important than you think…

Your ability to properly feed attribution impacts your results and your ability to interpret results. But it’s more than that.

You of course need to add the Meta pixel, but that’s the bare minimum. You need to set up standard events and custom events to help define important actions.

You also need to set up the Conversions API, which can include both the web API and CRM API. Doing all of this will allow Meta to display conversion results in Ads Manager.

But it also helps Meta better optimize when they know a conversion happened. That’s why UTM parameters and GA4 aren’t enough. Full attribution improves optimization for delivery because it helps Meta know when something is or isn’t working.

Performance Goal

How you set it up could lead to inflating or deflating numbers. Did you set up events improperly? Are the firing on the wrong pages? Is event matching poor? Do you fail to deduplicate events?

Finally, you need to know how to interpret your results. Use Compare Attribution Settings to segment conversions by attribution window and know how to make sense of it.

Compare Attribution Settings

Most advertisers only care about the default 7-day click and 1-day view results. Break it down to view 1-day view, 1-day click, 1-day engaged view, 7-day click, and 28-day click and make an intelligent analysis of what you see.