How Engaged-View Attribution Works

Here’s how Engaged-View Attribution works…

If the conversion location is your website and the performance goal is conversions, check the attribution setting. You may now have the option for Engaged-View Window (For Video Only).

Here’s what it is:

“Engaged-View conversions are counted when a skippable video ad is played for at least 10 seconds, or for 97% of its total length if it’s shorter than 10 seconds, and a person takes an action within 1 day.”

You will also see this when you use Compare Attribution Settings. There’s an option to add a column for 1-day engaged view conversions.

Let’s clarify what this means…

1. You need to use a video ad.
2. You need to set website conversions as your performance goal.
3. This applies to SKIPPABLE videos only, which means only certain placements. It wouldn’t include news feed, for example.
4. This is view-through only, so it doesn’t count once someone clicks on your ad and is taken to your website.
5. Someone needs to convert within one day of this engaged view.

Keep in mind that without this, a view-through conversion would have been counted anyway. But engaged-view could improve optimization and confidence in reporting.

I have lots of thoughts on this, but I’ll need to record a separate video for all of that.

Do you have Engaged-View Attribution? What do you think?