Why Wouldn’t You Use 28-Day Click?

Some of y’all are crazy.

In Ads Manager, you can compare attribution settings. This allows you to check boxes for each attribution setting that adds a column to your conversion reporting.

By default, your conversions do not include 28-day click attribution. You can view these extra conversions.

Some advertisers tell me they refuse to use 28-day click. They say it inflates conversions.

What’s wrong with you?

Someone sees your ad.
It inspires them to click.
They are excited about your product.
Maybe it’s expensive or a big commitment.
They aren’t the decision maker.
They need to discuss it with a spouse or business partner.
They need approval.
They copy the link.
They bookmark it.
They email it to that other person.
Sometime between the next 8 and 28 days, they go back to your website and buy your product.


It may not be equal to 1-day click, but we’re smart enough to include context with results.

While everyone’s complaining about incomplete attribution, why in the world would you willingly ignore 28-day click?

It’s not cheating. It’s okay. Use it!