Number of Ad Sets Per Campaign

How many ad sets should you use per campaign?

This is a question that comes up a lot, and the answer depends on two things that are often tied together:

  1. Optimization
  2. Overlap

Understand that this is something that has changed in the past few years because of targeting expansion and Advantage+ Audience.

Auction Overlap is when you have more than one ad set targeting similar audiences that attempt to enter the same auction. You’ll want to avoid significant overlap because it will make your ad spend less efficient and will increase costs.

If you optimize for any type of conversion, your detailed targeting and lookalike audiences can be expanded.

Advantage Detailed Targeting

If you’re using Advantage+ Audience, your targeting inputs are only suggestions.

Advantage+ Audience

In other words, if you have five ad sets in the same campaign, you could potentially reach the same person with any of those ad sets.

That’s not ideal.

We’re overthinking this because in the past we always set up multiple ad sets. If you’re optimizing for conversions or using Advantage+ Audience, you only need one ad set for cold targeting per campaign.

It’s what Meta recommends. But it’s also the most logical approach because of how everything works now.

You could theoretically use multiple cold audience ad sets when optimizing for other actions if you turn off expansion because it would limit overlap. But this is an approach that will likely be phased out eventually, and it’s debatable whether it’s even worthwhile.

Otherwise, limit overlap by limiting your cold targeting ad sets. Try it out, you may get better results.