Advantage+ Audience Deep Dive

In this video, we’ll dig into Advantage+ Audience: What it is, how it’s different from other options, and how you might use it.

If you have Advantage+ Audience, you’ll know it. It replaces the prior targeting options (you can switch back to the old way).

Advantage+ Audience utilizes machine learning and AI to build your audience for you based on pixel history, conversion data, and recent engagement history with prior ads.

You can also provide audience “suggestions” for Meta to start with before going much broader. This would be if there’s a specific group of people (custom audiences or detailed targeting) you have in mind. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Audience Controls allow you to determine location, age minimum, and exclusions. It’s recommended you only use minimum age or exclusions if you have a good reason (minimum age if you are restricted from selling to minors, exclusions if people can only buy the product once).

Test it!