Broad Targeting or Small Audiences?

The divide is growing…

It’s crazy how there’s such little middle ground with targeting now. The old-school advertisers refuse to abandon interest and lookalike targeting. They’ve determined going broad with targeting doesn’t work.

The other group is on the complete opposite side. They’re only using broad targeting now. They think it’s no longer necessary to use remarketing because your remarketing audience is included in the broad audience.

You’re both wrong. There is room in the middle.

Your interests and lookalike audiences are often going broad anyway. If you optimize for a conversion, the audience is expanded.

But small audiences and remarketing can still work now. And maybe you want to give the algorithm a starting point with a small audience.

I have seen this personally. I have had success going completely broad. But I do still use remarketing and sometimes I’ll use a small audience as a starting point and turn on expansion.

Bottom line: If you think there is only one right way to do things, you’re probably on the wrong side of the argument.

There’s a place for broad targeting. There’s a place for interests and remarketing. If it works, do it!

Keep experimenting to find what works for you. But always keep an open mind to strategies you aren’t using.

The minute you think you have it all figured out… you don’t.