Should You Turn on Advantage+ Creative?

Should you turn on Advantage+ Creative to automatically adjust your Meta ads?

I know most advertisers are resistant to the changes that Advantage+ Creative can provide, but let’s discuss it.

After you’ve added your creative, you can get a preview of the types of changes that can be made to your ad. Adjustments include:

– Applying an image template on Facebook or Instagram
– Varying the aspect ratio
– Text combinations (Meta can move around what you use for primary text, headline, or description)
– Adjustments to brightness and contrast
– Highlight relevant comments
– Apply an image filter for Instagram
– Add music tracks to Stories and Reels (you can listen to the tracks that are picked for you and pick different tracks if you want)
– Apply 3D animation to your image if it’s compatible

Keep in mind that you can turn any of these sections off individually or the entire thing at once.

When you turn Advantage+ Creative on, it doesn’t mean that your ad will always get reformatted in these ways. Technically, it should only be used if it can improve your performance.

If you’re adventurous, turn all of these on. You may want to be careful if you have a big brand that’s worried about a specific use of brand colors and images since these can change.

I’ve experimented with Advantage+ Creative. I can’t say that I love it or hate it. Some of the image templates look pretty bad in my opinion, but my opinion isn’t worth as much as results. Meta often says it can improve performance by something marginal like 3%, so the impact isn’t easy to measure.

But it’s something worth trying. How about you?