Content Views

Content Views measure the number of view content events credited to your ads. View Content is a standard event that works in concert with the Meta pixel, app SDK, offline event set, or conversions API. This event is typically used to count when a website visitor loads a product landing page.


A conversion is counted whenever a website visitor performs an action that fires a standard event, custom event, or custom conversion. Examples of conversions include purchases, leads, content views, add to cart, and registrations.

Custom Conversion

Custom conversions let you create rules for events or URLs so that you can better track and optimize for specific actions with Facebook ads.

Custom Events

Conversion events tracked by the pixel, app SDK, or API that are outside of standard events. These tend to be created to fit the publisher’s needs when a pre-defined standard event will not.

Event Setup Tool

If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can add standard events without any code using the Event Setup Tool.