Reference of Dimensions for Facebook Timeline For Pages [Infographic]

NOTE: A NEW infographic has been created with updated dimensions for Timeline, News Feed, mobile, desktop, posts and ads. It’s the only infographic you’ll need for Facebook dimensions! SEE IT HERE.

Now that Facebook Timeline for Pages is a reality, it’s important to optimize it by using the proper image sizes. So below I’ve put together an infographic (feel free to pin it!) that highlights the appropriate dimensions for the following:

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Custom Tab Photo or Logo
  • Shared Photo
  • Highlighted Photo
  • Milestone Photo
  • Custom Tab Page

So, here it is. All of the dimensions for Facebook Timeline for Pages that you’ll need. Feel free to bookmark and share for future reference!

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Facebook Timeline Image Dimensions

  • Rachel

    how do you change a tab picture?

  • Webmediafx

    hummm I liked this article but it’s not sharing on my facebook wall wonder why? oh well I’ll copy and paste the url, thanks for the infographic! Very clear and concise 

    • Jon Loomer

      No idea, but thanks for the persistence!

      • Webmediafx

        hey any size configs for the landing page?

        • Webmediafx

          btw – reposted this the March 30th when FB officially changed. I almost forgot about this infographic but now that I remembered to use it I use it constantly. Awesome work man!

          • Jon Loomer

            Thanks! Regarding the landing page, I assume you mean the app specs? That’s at the bottom — height is up to you, but maximum width of 810 pixels. This can depend on what services you use (ShortStack, for example, adds buffer so the width you have to work with is actually about 778, if I’m not mistaken).

            Is that what you mean? If not, let me know.

  • learnthinkact

    Thank you! most helpful.

  • Angel

    When I add letters to my cover photo the pixels are blur and the color suffers form that. Any idea why? Thanks for the help 

  • Shannon

    How are the widths of the cover image, milestone and highlight an odd numbered of pixels and the tab page an even number of pixels? This would mean the tab page could never be centered? Which side of the tab page has the extra pixel?

  • Gail Moore
    • Jon Loomer

      I assume you’re asking if you can go to the old format. You can’t.

      If you’re asking whether you can delete your page entirely, sure. You can. Go into your Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Bottom of Manage Permissions.

    • Antonello Monni

      depends on the browser you use you can get a pretty simply working app from here: works on chrome, firefox opera …ecc….

  • Quiltin’ Jenny

    Thank you!  This is awesome!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Jenny! Glad to help! Good luck with your quilts!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Hi Jon- Tried to click the ‘FB’ link for you, but my puter just kept ‘Ba-loomping’. (you know…that funny sound when a pop up is tryng to happen, but needs approval, except no pop up is blocked? Hmm..At any rate…GREAT stuff! Two quick questions…How are you suppose to modify the shared images once they are already loaded? FB just lets you move it around? Also..I’ve been trying to find a read on this, but couldn’t find…Like on our personal pages, can we ‘Hide’ the pages we like on our fan page?

    Thanks so much <3

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Jennifer! I’ve heard of others say something about a Facebook link. Which one is it? The like button at the bottom of the post? What browser do you use?

      As for repositioning your photo, just click on the Edit icon after uploading, and then select Reposition Photo. That will allow you to move it around. I can tell you that it hasn’t always worked for me, though.

      You can’t hide the pages that your page likes.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!

      • Jennifer Lynn

        Thank you for responding. That’s wonderful when people take the time to respond to their readers. I fixed the problem…I’m using FF (which I hate) and I guess they blocked everything and anyting from opening for me. But it’s fixed. Thanks again and now I can subscribe <3

        • Jon Loomer


  • Jennifer Lynn

    Ohhh…and could you recommend a good Iframe app for creating those tabs? They all seem to have bugs when trying to swap out the image for one of your own…This is why I’m not live yet…so many bugs.

    • Jon Loomer

      I don’t believe the bug is on the side of the app. It’s a widespread issue that is on Facebook’s side. I use both my own apps and the Static HTML app and don’t have issues customizing photos with either. You might be at the mercy of Facebook until it’s fixed!

      And don’t worry. I’m not live yet either!

      • Jennifer Lynn

        Thanks so much! I guess I’m lost as to the diff. between Static HTML and Iframes. I was using static (iframes) but they have a huge bug going on too…I also noticed that if you go to facebook/developer it shows you how to create your own…Now they think I’m a developer ;-) I was nervous to try, so gave it up. I liked Ralph laurens clean tab look, so i pulled the code to see who they were using (developer wise) and it just showed Iframes….I dislike being at the mercy of other developers, like static and woobox?

  • Ael

     Why would you make the profile image 180×180 if it is going to shrink down?

    • Jon Loomer

      That’s Facebook’s requirement. The image you submit has to be at least 180×180, but they shrink it down. I know, it’s not particularly logical. And it makes it difficult to coordinate such an image with your cover photo.

      • Ael

        Thanks for your help!

  • Craig Grella

    This is probably the most helpful and informative Facebook Timeline post I’ve seen yet. Thanks.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Craig! Glad to help.

  • Dianeradack8

    I  have WASTED THIS DAY trying to figure out how to edit the apps bar. I need to change the photo they have put there and delete the ‘note’. Nothing works. Hovering over does nothing! Is the ‘take a tour’ the place to actually edit stuff?  I have tried everything and only have 5 days to do it. PLease help me.

    • Jon Loomer

      You have to first expand your apps by clicking on the arrow to the far right of them to view all (up to 12) at once. From there, you’ll get an edit icon for each app.

  • Ant

    Thanks for taking the time to pull this together, you’ve saved me (and no doubt 1000s of others) a heap of time. 

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Ant, glad to help!

  • Eli Manning 2x Superbowl MVP

    Nice work Jon!

  • Emma

    Thank you very much for this post! Super helpful :-)

  • Home Office Furniture

    I found this blog to be very interesting.  I had no idea that there were restrictions to the cover photo on Facebook.  This is good information to be aware of if you are using a Facebook page to promote your brand. Great blog, thanks for the information!

  • Amy Nievera

    Hello. I found this infographic through Pinterest and I don’t know who you are but you are kinda awesome.

    • Jon Loomer

      Hah! Thanks, Amy! Pinterest has been awesome to me. Glad you found me!

  • Mike Williams

    This is awesome, I needed this map in my life, Thanks a million

  • Mindy Drucker

    Hi–Is it possible to put up a rectangular photo and have the whole photo show in one column, rather than having to make it a giant two-column highlight?

  • Marisa Galland

    Thank you so much for this! It’s very helpful.

  • Chloe

    This is a very helpful infographic! Great work
    putting it together!  I found a handy tool
    that resizes and crops photos to the right sizes for you at: You can easily crop or scale your cover
    photo, profile pic & app images on a preview of the Facebook Timeline. You
    can also add a background color. Then you simply download the pictures to your
    computer in a zip file.  It’s easy to use
    and it’s free!

  • Prem


  • Carol

    Thanks for this info. I have spent hours trying to work this out.
    Quick question   If i make a shared photo at 404 x 404 and post it on my page Timeline, will it come out strange if I later click on the * to make the photo a “Highlight”?
    If it doesn’t work I assume that I have to plan in advance whether or not to make it a highlight photo (that is not always easy to know)  

    Is there anywhere I can test my photo’s to make sure they fit before I put them online?
    Thanks SO MUCH!

    • Jon Loomer

      When you highlight suck a photo, it will either stretch or there will be significant white space. So yes, you should plan ahead when choosing your photos!

      I’m not aware of somewhere you can test, but you can always set up a test Facebook Page!

      Hope this helps.

      • Bcdickerson

        Somewhat in the 404×404 vein, I thought if I scaled down my photos to a maximum of 404 either way that the funky not showing the entire photo would go away.  But it did not.  I must be doing something wrong.  Can someone check out and let me know?  It has to be simple.  Thanks.

  • Lynda Quintero-Davids

    GREAT INFO + help. I’ve been using it regularly since I spotted it on Pinterest… but for some reason now, I think I have spent about 5+ hours re-sizing images at picnik to the 851 for the cover, and I keep getting a FB error message that says image needs to be 399 pixels wide. IT IS 851 WIDE!  I’m so frustrated. And when I use a larger image, it cuts off what I’m trying to fit in. What am I missing??? THX!

    • Jon Loomer

      Glad it’s been helpful to you, Lynda! Can you attach or link to a copy of the image you’re trying to use?

  • John Cooper

    Thanks Jon – excellent ref.

  • João Faraco

    Page timelines will get bigger profile pictures (160x160px) as of today :

    You might want to update this (excellent) reference sheet !

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  • Rj Jolley

    As a developer it would be so nice to get templates like this from the social media sites a couple of weeks before the change instead a day or so after the fact from 3rd parties. That being said, thank you Jon for coming out with templates like this to help the rest of us in such a timely manner.

    • Jon Loomer

      You bet, RJ. I don’t understand why Facebook is never up front about the dimensions. As it is, we went a couple of weeks thinking the width of cover photos was 850 instead of 851 because so much of it is guess work and trial and error. Not sure why they can’t create their own reference pages.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Carrie Pitman

    Thank you for the information!! Could you post how far from the right the custom tabs are? And how far from each other?  The goal is to put copy and images (arrows) pointing to my tabs.  Thanks for all your help! Carrie

  • Me

    Finally! Someone that puts all the dimensions. Love you forever! 

    • Jon Loomer

      Hah! Glad to help!

      • Oliver

        Noticed that the photo dimensions for personal pages are different from brand pages. Would you know when brand pages will change to match the personal pages (if they are going to uniform them that is)?

  • Geoff Blackmore

    Why doesn’t Facebook just automatically resize images to fit in the timeline windows, like it does on the news feed?

  • Ian

    Awesome post, thank you.

  • Cheryl

    Hi Jon, thanks for this! I’m just starting to manage our brand’s FB page and it takes a lot of work and time!  I hope it becomes successful like your blog :)  

    • Jon Loomer

      Great! Thanks, Cheryl!

  • Richa Bajaj

    Felt great after reading this valuable post… :)

    Greetings from
    Stay blessed !!!!!!!!

  • Chrissy

    I just shared this on Pinterest so I could keep track of it better.. Hopefully some of my followers will enjoy it as well. 

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Chrissy!

  • Reza Ali

    Thank you Jon. Saves a lot of guesswork for me. I’ve been putting off redesigning my FB page and this has made it easier for me.

    Thanks for effort and support again.

    • Jon Loomer

      You bet, Reza, glad to help!

  • Nman

    Hi, I am a designer who is trying to showcase my work on Facebook. I have applied the dimensions to the cover page and the thumbnail but the shared pictures look horrific by resolution. Is there anything I can do?

    • Jon Loomer

      Can you provide a link to your page so that I can take a look?

  • Stacy Sheckell

    Thank you for taking the time to find and gather this information in a quick and easy to understand infographic for those of us who just don’t have the time or energy to go to the trouble of doing it ourselves! I greatly appreciate your help!

    • Jon Loomer

      No problem, Stacy. Glad to help and thanks for stopping by!

  • Tom Pearson

    just what i needed!  any articles on marketing apps using facebook per chance?

  • Chris Edwards

    Very helpful Jon. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Saved me tons of time. 

  • Melviano

    Yeees finally. Appreciate it Jon

  • AccentAdc

    Thanks saved lots of time

  • ingmar


  • Kirstincurley

    I’ve already sized and changed my profile pic. When it posted it is cutting me in 1/2. How do I change it again??? I am not given the option to resize again and I deleted the original picture

    • Michael Keniston

      If you use a standard digital photograph as your profile picture, parts will be cut off even after properly resizing it to 180 pixels on either side. This is simply because the digital photograph is rectangular while the FaceBook profile tab is square

      You can crop the original picture into a square before resizing to 180 pixels. However, that might eliminate a portion that you’d rather be viewable like another person, an object or scenery.

      If you have photo editing software like PhotoShop, you can get around this by doing the following:

      Make a solid color background 180 pixels by 180 pixels. Resize the original digital photograph to 180 pixels on it’s longest side. Center the resized photo on the background creating small even color bands on either side for portrait/vertical images or on the top and bottom for landscape/horizontal ones. Flatten and save as a new file name.

      The new image might appear a little smaller than you’d prefer, but it will fit perfectly in the profile tab with nothing cut off.

  • about U

    Thank you very much, so helpful

  • Vannie Kerr, Jr


  • Alexandru Stefan

    So useful! 10x!!!!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Alexandru!

  • Rachal Tarquin

    This is amazing! I have been doing this by trial and error and your dimensions are a godsend! Bless you.

    • Jon Loomer

      Happy to help, Rachal!

  • Carlitos Corcho

    Hey you have to give enough bleed space around your logos for the profile pic, or else its gonna squeeze your logo to size which looks bad. That was the issue I was having with logo at 180X180 it would fit but would looked all squeezed. You have to play with the bleed space around the image to get it right. Especially if you got logos that are wide with smaller heights.

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  • Itzik


    I saw in one of the web sites, that the ‘Events’ tab picture is taken from the picture of the recent event added.
    I added a 111X74 picture to my event but got a message that at lease 180 pixels wide is required.
    Any idea what is the optimal size for events pictures?

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  • Estone

    I’m guessing that you can’t control the thumbnail size that shows up with a link you post, but sometimes when I post a link to our own website, the thumbnail is awkwardly sized or cropped.  Is there any way to either size the original picture more appropriately on our web page or drag the thumbnail around to pick a better crop?

    • Michael Keniston

      Regarding photo album thumbnails and thumbnails of the pictures in the album. Say you upload a portrait or vertical 5″x7″ picture into a photo album or onto your wall. FaceBook’s automatic resizing to a square thumbnail with constrained proportions causes a problem.

      Only part of the image will show in the thumbnail which sometimes leaves you clueless as to what the entire image looks like until you click on and open it. For a landscape or horizontal 7″x5″ picture more will show in the thumbnail, but still not the entire image.

      If you have photo editing software like PhotoShop you can get around this by doing the following:

      Make a 12″x7″ black background, place the portrait picture in it’s center, flatten and save it as a new file name creating 3 1/2″ black bands on both sides. Then the whole image should show in the thumbnail. When clicked on to open, the picture will be full size and the black background appears like what would naturally be on your monitor around it. For a 7″x5″ landscape picture, an 11″x5″ black background should work creating 2″ black bands on both sides.

      You can even make the black backgrounds an inch higher creating a small black band across the bottom then title the picture here in white font. This will fully show in the thumbnail as well.

      This may seem time consuming and tedious, but actually isn’t once you get used to it. After you make the black background, if you open a series of pictures and one after the other position, flatten and save them as new file names, a couple dozen pictures can be knocked off in less than half an hour.

      Depending on the original size of your pictures the background sizes will have to be tweaked to maintain the effect.

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  • Dennis_T

    Excellent article, thank you very much for posting, I hope to pass this across to many of my
    social media 
    clients. Keep up the great work.

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  • Carrieh

    Thank you very much!!

  • Jacques van den Bergh

    Dear Jon,

    You are a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you for this post.

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  • Robert

    thank you so much1

  • Richard Penny

    Clear and Concise, Brill!

  • Ro-Eng

    Love it

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  • lavsjohnny

    Thank you very helpful! I only came here to know the width of the static html. And I left changing my pages tabs too! AWESOME! :)

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  • Scott

    Bookmarked! This is very useful

  • Ali Hasnain

    Thanks Loomer, you save a lot of time of testing different image dimensions and using snipping tool :)

  • Beth Crane

    Hi Jon, Im trying to fit the company logo into the cover photo slot, which should be 851 pixels wide, but at that width in Illustrator and Photoshop, when I pull in the cover image it’s huge and can only see 1/4 of it, so I halved the width down to 425 pixels and it’s still huge and unreadable, what am I doing wrong? any info would be much appreciated

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Beth. You need a high quality image that starts larger than 851×315 that can be resized. Otherwise, simply make your logo (at it’s current, optimized size) part of an image that is 851×315.

      Good luck!

    • Dave

      leave it at 851, and jsut zoom out (hold “alt” and use the wheel on the mouse)

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  • Lynn

    Did you mean “The distance from the bottom of the cover photo to the top of your profile photo padding is now 114 pixels, not 115?” It says 104 and 105 which leaves a 10 pixels unaccounted for I believe.

  • J10

    You Rock ! Thank you for your effort

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  • Shweta

    Couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you Jon Loomer!

  • Jessica

    So, my Microsoft Office Picture Manager will not allow me to resize an image that is 843 x 403 in order to maximize the space allowed in the Highlight feature…the lowest I can go to keep 843 is 843 x 652, or 521 x 403. Is there any way around this without having some fancy expensive photo shop program? Thanks!

    • Jon Loomer

      You should be able to scale it to 843×652 and then crop the 652 to 403, no? It’s just a matter of changing the canvas size once you get the width properly scaled. I don’t use a fancy program. I use a free one called GIMP.

      • Jessica

        Problem is, I am using it as a business tool, so the bottom of the “photo” is actually something I can’t cut off: business name/contact info, etc…So cropping just isn’t gonna “cut it” for me…Unless, perhaps, I change all my fonts/photo sizes on the image to leave room at the bottom to crop…I’ll try that. Thanks!

        • Jon Loomer

          Right, well you don’t want to resize an image that doesn’t properly scale or it’s going to distort your image. Can you create a blank canvas that is 851×315 and then copy and paste important portions of the graphic? Good luck!

        • Guest

          Regarding photo album thumbnails and thumbnails of the pictures in the album. Say you upload a portrait 7″x5″ picture into a photo album. FaceBook’s automatic resizing to a square thumbnail with constrained proportions causes a problem.

          Only part of the image will show in the thumbnail which sometimes leaves you clueless as to what the entire image looks like until you click on and open it. For a landscape 5″x7″ picture more will show in the thumbnail, but still not the entire image.

          If you have photo editing software like PhotoShop you can get around this by doing the following:

          Make a 12″x7″ black background, place the portrait picture in it’s center, flatten and save it creating 2 1/2″ black bands on both sides. Then the whole image should show in the thumbnail. When clicked on to open, the picture will be full size and the black background appears like what would naturally be on your monitor. For a 5″x7″ landscape picture, a 5″x11 black background should work.

          You can even make the black backgrounds an inch higher creating a black band across the bottom and title the picture here in white font. This will fully show in the thumbnail as well.

          Depending on the original size of your pictures the background sizes will have to be tweaked to maintain the effect.

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  • Dark Knight

    Thanks that really helps

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  • Frank

    If you are looking for great Custom Tab Icons this site seems to be a good start. They give one out for free:

  • Joe

    There appears to have been some minor changes to the location of the Profile Picture relative to the Cover Photo. The Profile Picture is still 170 pixels square, frame inclusive. However, on my page, the top of the frame begins at 193px down from the top of the Cover Photo, overlays the Cover Photo 122px with 49px decending below the lower Cover Photo margin. The Profile Picture frame still starts 23px in from the left and the Cover Photo is still 851 x 315. (22 August 2012)

  • Jaher

    Awesome, Thank you, this is soooo helpful!!

    • Jon Loomer

      Glad to help, Jaher, thanks for stopping by!

  • Clive McGonigal

    Just what I’ve been looking for, many thanks

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  • rim akawi

    It is veryyyyyyyyy useful…Thank youu!!
    What about the dimensions of photo album thumbnails?

    • Jon Loomer

      Really interesting question, Rim. I’m adding this to my to-do list!

    • Michael Keniston

      Rim, please first click on discussion at the top left of this forum and choose ‘newest’ then scroll down toward the bottom of the page for my response to Kirstincurley regarding photo album thumbnails.

    • Fadi

      rim you’re the best

  • Fowee

    So when I upload my photo, it shrinks to 160x160p?

    • Jon Loomer

      Yes, so make sure that the photo you use is square. It will be cropped otherwise.

      • Fowee

        Cool. Thanks a bunch :)

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  • KirstenNelson

    This is a fabulous resource, Jon. Would you be amiable to giving permission to reuse this infographic citing you as the source in a training manual i’m putting together for clients using social media to build their marketing platforms?

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Kirsten! Of course I’d be amiable. Just provide the proper credit and a link back. I appreciate the question!

      • KirstenNelson

        Awesome. Will do. Thanks, Jon.

  • duceduc

    Thanks for the dimensions. Exactly what I needed and than some.

  • Mattias

    Thank you so much for this page! Very helpful!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for stopping by, Mattias!

  • Sophie Walter

    Great help with the Facebook dimensions, thanks.

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  • Shishir

    Awesome. Loved it.

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  • Jénz

    Thanx, man! You are my hero! That saves a lot of time & it looks very cool. Good job!

    • Jon Loomer

      Woo hoo! Glad to help.

  • Windz

    You are AWESOME!! Thanks a lot for the time & effort!!!

    • Jon Loomer


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  • Brian DeKoning

    I reference this post often, so I really appreciate you putting it together. One question: FB says tab or application widths should be 760. Am I missing something in their info or misinterpreting the tab section of your infographic? Thanks!

  • JenTaylor

    I have been to this page 14 times. Thank you. This is awesome.

    • Jon Loomer

      Awesome! Thanks, Jen!

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  • LeviWheatcroft

    Hey great job with this, but I think it needs to be updated. I just made my cover & profile pic and it looks like the area of your cover overlaid by the profile pic (& border) is 163×163, 22px from the left, and 203px from the top. I’m not 100% sure these are correct, got there with trial and error, but the overlaid area is definitely less than 170.

    Also, your profile pic doesn’t need to be > 180px to upload, I just uploaded 153px square profile pic. Saves time resizing etc.

  • LeviWheatcroft

    Actually.. after just spending a few hours making a cover that lines up with my profile pic, I realise the dimensions are completely different in the android fb app. So..

    • Jon Loomer

      So maybe I need a different infographic for mobile?

      • LeviWheatcroft

        Would there be any point? You can only have one cover photo, if you want to line it up to be pixel perfect, it will either be messed up when viewed in mobile or when viewed from the desktop. So your left with making something which looks good in the lower left-hand area, making the pixel dimensions not-so-useful.

  • Laura Mann Weed

    This is absolutely genius and you are a god for doing this for us!! Thank you soooo much!

    • Jon Loomer

      Oh, stop, Laura. Glad to help!

  • aung ko ko

    Your help is very useful. THANKS

    • Jon Loomer

      You bet. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rhiannon

    Hi John, this is really useful… only when I post the timeline cover image which is exactly 851×315 Facebook is resizing it so the top and bottom are cropped. Could something have changed?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hmmm… Are you on mobile or desktop? I just checked the dimensions of mine, and it’s 851×315 and it isn’t cropped in any way.

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