The Differences Between Sponsored Stories and Page Post Ads

Halls Facebook Ad

Facebook gives you four different ways to advertise to their users: Page Like Stories, Post Like Stories, Page Post Ads and Facebook Ads for Pages. The first two are variations of Sponsored Stories. The third and fourth fall under the standard “Facebook Ad” designation. We’ve already covered standard Facebook ads and how to be successful […]

Revisiting: Uncheck Comments and Likes

Facebook Copy and Paste

[Refresher: Six Steps to Controlling Your Facebook Privacy] More than two months ago, I wrote a post called Facebook Scare: Uncheck Comments and Likes that was in response to a copy and paste status update spreading across Facebook. Two months later, that post was my most popular piece of content yesterday. Traffic to it is […]

How to Use Facebook Page Insights

Facebook Page Insights

Brand managers with a Facebook page have a very important, free tool at their disposal: Insights. You don’t need to blindly post to your page, unaware of what works and what doesn’t. Insights creates graphs and charts that help you easily determine what posts are generating the most discussion, how many people you’re reaching, and […]

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad XSM

In a prior tutorial, I discussed the steps to creating a standard ad on Facebook. Today, I’m going to cover the strategies associated with how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign. Set Your Strategy Before you even create your first Facebook ad, you need to determine your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? […]

How to Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Targeting

If you run a brand page, there is no faster way to grow your number of fans than through Facebook advertising. It’s an incredibly easy process that can fit into anyone’s budget. I’ll eventually cover how to run and manage a Facebook ad campaign as well as the various forms of Facebook advertising. But this […]

Sponsored Stories coming to Facebook Ticker

Facebook Sponsored Stories in the Ticker

Mashable reports that Facebook is introducing sponsored stories to the Ticker. Alright, before you get out your pitchforks, let’s make sure we establish why we’re angry. What is a sponsored story? First, here’s the generic definition of a sponsored story, as it applies to the typical (non-advertising) user: Sponsored Stories are stories that are eligible […]

Facebook Subscriptions vs. Facebook Page

My Facebook Page

It wasn’t long ago that I wondered aloud why some people would manage both a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook page of their personal brand. Particularly after Facebook launched subscriptions, why not just allow anyone to read your public posts? But on second thought… I allow for subscriptions of my public content, but lately […]

How to Create a Textured Background with Photoshop


I’m not a designer by trade, but I consider myself dangerous enough to be able to solve some simple problems. The one I am going to cover today is how to create a textured background with Photoshop, whether for WordPress or any website or blog. Creating backgrounds is one of those things that is much […]

Best Practices: How to Make a Successful Facebook Page Post

No Facebook Image

In a prior post, I discussed ways that you could better engage your fans on Facebook. In this tutorial, I am going to get into the details of what an engaging post looks like. Whether it’s brevity, including imagery, editing the title or description, tagging other pages or using a call to action, there are […]

The Rise of Google Plus May Result in Fall of Twitter

Twitter vs. Google Plus

Let me start this post by making it clear that I am a Twitter advocate. I first used Twitter in early 2009. While I didn’t embrace the platform immediately, it birthed @TweetsFrom1982 in the summer of 2010 and the entire PastKast network. I’ve had an amazing time communicating with other fans of the Milwaukee Brewers […]