It’s Easy to Create Campaigns Now

It’s easy to create campaigns now. This is the narrative lately, and it’s starting to impact jobs.

Clients think they don’t need agencies anymore. They can just handle it internally and pass it off to an intern. It’s just plug-and-play, right?

Even some agencies are buying into this. They think they can consolidate jobs because it’s so easy. They value these skills less.

This is crazy.

Yes, the process of creating a campaign has never been easier. Meta is doing a great job of streamlining that process and limiting customizations that would make it more complex.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get good results. The job is way more complicated than that. Why isn’t this obvious?

There are so many skills that are required to get good, consistent results. An effective advertiser has a broad base of knowledge about how the rules impact them and whether they should use special ad categories.

They understand weaknesses in optimization, how these weaknesses can lead to misleading results, and how they can avoid these pitfalls.

They are experts in attribution. Not only do they make sure that the pixel and Conversions API are set up properly, but they know the importance of standard events, custom events, and custom conversions. And they can make sense of the different attribution settings.

Compare Attribution Settings

Copy and creative are super important. It may be easy to create the campaign and ad set now, but that’s because all of the focus is on the ad. That’s not streamlined. Your targeting is in the ad. And really, the success (of failure) is found there, too.

You also have to know how to interpret results. What do you do if you don’t good results? You have to be a problem solver.

I’ve recorded about 500 videos on the topic of Meta ads because it’s complex!

This narrative needs to be put to bed. Just because the mechanics of campaign creation are easy now doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get good advertising results.

What do you think?