Attribution Setting Deep Dive

This is a deep dive into Meta’s Attribution Setting. Here are some notes…


This comes into play when using the Website conversion location (found when using the Sales, Leads, or Engagement objectives). It utilizes your pixel and a conversion event.

Meta Ads Conversions

By default, the Attribution Setting is 7-day click and 1-day view. An attributed conversion, in this case, is any conversion that happens within 7-days of clicking your ad or 1-day of viewing your ad (without clicking).

Attribution Setting

That also means two things:

1. Meta will optimize to show your ads to people most likely to convert within that window.

2. Your default reporting will be attributed conversions that happened within that window.


You can change your Attribution Setting. In some cases, I recommend that you do.

1. If you’re running a Sales campaign, the default of 7-day click and 1-day view is typically best practice. If you’re running a video ad, also include 1-day Engaged View.

2. If you’re running a Leads campaign, you should usually change the Attribution Setting to 1-day click. There are potential exceptions when completing a form may still be a longer-term process. But if you’re offering something free in exchange for contact information, use 1-day click.

3. If you’re running an engagement campaign that optimizes for custom events, you should almost always use 1-day click. Most custom events are things that someone will do repeatedly, especially based on engagement (time spent, scroll depth, watching videos, etc.). Meta will inflate your numbers by reaching people who go to your website anyway with 1-day view. Prevent that.