Custom Events Deep Dive

Custom events are one of my favorite tools for Meta advertising. This is a deep dive to help you learn more about what they are and how you can use them.

1. Custom events are conversion events that occur on your website and fall outside of the predefined standard events. When people perform these events, you can use them for optimization, reporting, and targeting.

2. I walk you through some specific ways that I use custom events. Using a split screen, I engage on a page of my website while those events fire on Events Manager. Examples of my events include:

1 Minute Time on Page
50% Scroll Depth
– Pressed Share Button
Video Watched
– Chatbot Clicked

3. One specific way to use custom events is for optimization. Instead of optimizing for a standard event or worse (link clicks or landing page views), you can optimize for an action that you value that may produce more volume. Also make sure to use 1-day click only attribution setting for most of these events.

4. You should also use custom events for reporting. Add columns for these events so that you can get a fuller picture of what people are doing on your website after they click your ad.

5. Finally, you can create website custom audiences to target people who perform these events. While broad targeting is all the rage, you can either target these people specifically or use them as targeting suggestions for Advantage+ Audience.

6. If you want to take your mastery of custom events to the next level, sign up for my training, which includes 24 lessons from beginner to advanced and everything in between. It will walk you through how to create these events, how to determine which events to create, and how to apply them.