Facebook Offers Rising Costs: What to Do? [VLOG #18]

First of all, I am absolutely PSYCHED because I have new video equipment. No more background of my office!

Here’s my son testing it out…

Jon Loomer Video Studio

Either my son needs to get taller or we’re gonna have to lower those lights!

I had previously made it a New Years resolution to invest more in video this year. Well, here it is! I’d love to hear what you think.

This week’s question comes from Nikole Gipps:

I swear my FB offer went from min $30 to min $80 recently … did they increase or am I imagining this?

I’ve heard this a lot lately. In fact, Facebook gives me options between $80 and $4,800 to promote my Facebook Offers. No thanks, Facebook!

My answer to this question is similar to what I’ve been telling people about Promoted Posts.

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