Facebook Conversion Specs: How to Optimize for Page Post Ad Actions

Conversion specs allow Facebook, with the help of Optimized CPM, surface your ad to users most likely to perform a desired action. That action could be liking your Page, engaging with your content, installing your app or something else.

If you aren’t familiar with conversion specs, you should read this post. Or this one.

But even those posts focus mainly on one type of conversion spec: the Offsite Pixel. But this post is going to focus on conversion specs related specifically to ads promoting Page posts.

When you promote a Page post, Facebook automatically optimizes it for engagement — or a specific type of engagement. Facebook is making an assumption about the action you desire. It’s quite possible that your ads are not being optimized the way you’d prefer.

How to Change Conversion Specs

When you create your ad within Power Editor (and by now you should be doing this!), go to the final Pricing & Status tab.

Facebook Conversion Specs Optimized CPM

By default, you will have “Optimized CPM” and “Automatically optimize for actions” selected.

Immediately below, there is a checkbox (unchecked by default) that allows you to “Overwrite the default conversion specs to define actions to optimize.” The default specs are grayed out unless that box is checked.

Facebook Conversion Specs Overwrite Actions

Once you check that box, you’ll typically only want to change the action itself and leave everything else.

The format of this is as follows (you edit areas marked by Xs):


The purpose of this post is to focus on the action types that you can enter here related to optimizing for your Page posts.

Action Types for Page Posts

Here are examples of action types for Page posts:

  • comment
  • like
  • link_click
  • photo_view
  • post
  • post_engagement
  • post_story
  • receive_offer
  • video_play

Simply enter these in place of “post_engagement” for the Action Type of your optimized ad.

Watch The Video

Still confused? Watch the quick video I created at the top to help step you through it.

Go ahead and try it out. Experiment. And let me know the results you’re seeing below!

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