Facebook Ads Tutorials on TikTok

I’m being serious. I’m on TikTok. And I’m creating a ton of content for you to help with Facebook ads.

I know, this just doesn’t add up. The “old guy” who made every excuse not to create videos. Too uncomfortable to get in front of the camera. Probably a month ago, I’d tell you this was ridiculous.

But, it’s happened. And I’m in deep.

Why I’m there and what my plans are could be an entire blog post in itself. Here, I just want to share some of the tutorials I’ve been sharing there. Maybe it will draw you in. If not, feel free to make use of them here.

Follow me already. Here are a few reasons why…

Breakdowns for Video Views Quality

These are a couple of newer breakdowns that are specific to videos that most advertisers do not know about. They are incredibly useful!

@jonloomer How to break down video views quality in Ads Manager. #facebookads #facebookadstips ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Customize and Save Your Columns

Are you customizing your columns in Ads Manager, saving them, and setting your favorite combination as the default view? Here’s how to do it…

@jonloomer How to customize and save your columns in Facebook Ads Manager. #facebookads #facebookadstips ♬ Hip Hop Background(814204) – Pavel

Run Ads to Promote Facebook and Instagram Reels

If you’re creating Reels, why don’t you promote them?

@jonloomer How to promote Facebook and Instagram Reels. #facebookads #facebookadstips ♬ Hip Hop Background(814204) – Pavel

Do Not Fall for These Scams

Ugh. If you’re a page manager, you’ve undoubtedly seen these scams. It’s insane that Facebook can’t eliminate and prevent them. Please, do not fall for them…


Do not fall for this Facebook phishing scams!

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Stay Up to Date on Ads Manager Changes

How do you stay on top of Facebook Ads Manager changes? Like this…

@jonloomer How to view Facebook Ads Manager changes. #facebookads #facebookadstips ♬ Tutorials – FASSounds

Facebook Ads for Quality Website Traffic

I’ve written before about how I use custom events for monitoring and optimizing for quality traffic. Here’s a quick explanation…

@jonloomer Do you use custom events to track quality website traffic? #facebookads #facebookadstips ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

TikTok vs. Facebook Ads Manager

Once I first started experimenting with TikTok Ads Manager a month ago, I was blown away. If you know how to use Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll have no problem adjusting to this…


TikTok Ads Manager vs Facebook Ads Manager

♬ Puff – Hany Beats

Plenty More!

I’ve created a ton of content so far, and so much more will be coming. I hope you’ll follow me there.