How to Create a Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story

Watch my video for a tutorial on how to create a Facebook ad or Sponsored Story utilizing the new ad create flow with Objectives.

Some of the topics include:

  • Promoting a non-Facebook URL vs. a Facebook Page
  • Creating a Facebook ad vs. Promoting a Post
  • Targeting Fans vs. Non-Fans
  • Specific vs. Broad Interest Targeting
  • Like vs. Click Objectives
  • Daily vs. Lifetime Budgets
  • Campaigns vs. Ads
  • Naming Campaigns and Ads for Better Organization
  • Setting Budgets
  • Monitoring, Pausing and Adjusting Campaigns

I focus entirely on the ad create flow and talk very little about Promoted Posts. If you are going to target your current fans with a current post, I would strongly advise creating a Promoted Post instead of creating an ad unit this way.