Creative Hub and Drafts: How to Share Facebook Ad Mockups with Clients

If you manage ads for clients, you may need to get approval prior to the ads going live. How do you create and share these mockups?

There are two primary ways that I recommend. What you use depends on your needs and comfort level.

Let’s discuss…

1. Share an Ad in Draft

Once you’ve created an ad that is in “draft” status, you can share it.

At the top right, click the drop-down that will give you an option to “Share a Link.”

Share a Facebook Ad Draft

You’ll then be able to give others access to that preview by toggling link sharing “on.”

Share a Facebook Ad Draft

Once you turn link sharing ON, you’ll be able to determine whether the preview link can stay active for 30 or 60 days. Your sharable link will expire after that period of time.

Share a Facebook Ad Draft

You will then be given a link that you can share with your client.

2. Use Creative Hub

If you go to the hamburger menu at the top left of Ads Manager, you will find Creative Hub within the Advertise section.

Facebook Creative Hub

There, you can create a mockup in much the same way you’d create an ad.

Facebook Creative Hub

When you’re done, you can share that mockup with your client.

Facebook Creative Hub

You’ll again need to turn link sharing on in the same way as before.

Facebook Creative Hub

If your client approves the mockup, you can then toggle “Show in Ads Manager” within that mockup in Creative Hub.

Facebook Creative Hub

Then, when you create an ad in Ads Manager, you’ll have the option within Ad Setup to “Use Creative Hub Mockup.”

Facebook Creative Hub

You will then be able to import the mockup into your ad.

Facebook Creative Hub

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like everything, each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The one limitation of Creative Hub is that not all formats are available (lead forms and Instant Experience, for example).

The primary limitation of sharing ad drafts is that you’ll need to keep your ad in draft while your client reviews it. This can get complicated when you publish other ads since you’ll need to make sure to keep that ad in draft. But, of course, you’ll be able to create any ad format in this case.

Your Turn

How do you share ad mockups with clients?

Let me know in the comments below!