How to Create Reminders Ads for Instagram

If you have a big event coming up, Reminders Ads are a great way to make sure that your raving fans don’t forget about it.

It doesn’t matter what the event is — whether it’s online or offline. It could be a sale, going live on Instagram, or a physical event. Reminders posts and Reminders Ads have one very simple purpose: Remind people.

If you’re active on Instagram, you may have seen Reminders posts before. We’ll start with them, but you can actually skip right over them and create Reminders Ads.

Let’s get to it…

What Are Instagram Reminders?

Reminders posts are unique to Instagram and only available to professional accounts. You can create reminders for an upcoming online or offline event.

The time of your event will be displayed in the local time for each person. When someone chooses to get reminders for your event, they’ll be notified three times:

  • 24 hours before the event
  • 15 minutes before the event
  • At the time of the event

Of course, you can also create Reminders Ads.

Create Reminders Ad

To create a Reminders ad, you’ll need to use the Engagement objective.

Engagement Objective

Select “On your ad” as the conversion location in the ad set.

On Your Ad Conversion Location

Select “Reminders Set” as the engagement type.

Reminders Set Engagement Type

The performance goal will be “Maximize Reminders Set” with no ability to change it.

Maximize Reminders Set Performance Goal

Only Instagram placements are available (Instagram Feed and Stories), even if you use Advantage+ Placements.

Get Reminders Instagram Placements

When you create your ad, the call-to-action button used will be “Remind Me.”

Remind Me CTA Button

Provide the details of your event by including event name, event start date and time, and an optional event end date and time. If you’ve previously created the event, you can simply select it here.

Get Reminders Event Details

Ideal image dimensions are likely 9:16 where the text is centered at the top. This way, it can work both as a Story and 4:5 in the feed.

Get Reminders Ad

How Might You Use Reminders Ads?

It’s important to remember that a Reminders Ad is super basic. We aren’t creating the event itself with these ads. We’re only creating a way to remind people of something important that is going to happen. Those who ask to be reminded will get alerts up until the time of your event.

Because this is so free form, you can use Reminders Ads for just about anything. But a good example during the holidays would be a big sale.

Of course, you shouldn’t abuse this. There’s no reason to create new Reminders Ads every time you have a sale. But, if there’s a bigger sale than normal and you want to stand out at a time like Black Friday, this might be a good option.

Your ad needs to be very clear about why your event is special to provide motivation for people to request reminders. These ads should also provide details about what they should do or where they should go at the time of the event.

Maybe you’re going live on Instagram, which would be easy. But if you have a sale at your physical store, provide the address in your ad. If the sale is online, provide the URL to where they need to go.

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