What is Most Important Now?

Don’t obsess over things that don’t matter as much as they once did. Meta advertising has changed, and you should redirect your time and energy to make an impact.

Here are the four things to focus on…

1. Copy and Creative

Dedicate most of your time here. Ad copy and imagery could be the most important factors now. They help direct who sees your ads and adjustments here can make the biggest impact on results.

If your ads are attracting the wrong audience, the initial focus was on targeting. But now that audiences often expand, your changes in those inputs make less of an impact.

Advantage+ Audience

You can help control who sees your ads by making sure that the copy and creative attract the specific action that you want from the specific audience you hope to reach.

2. Performance Goals

Performance Goal

This is what defines success for the algorithm, around which changes to ads optimization for delivery are made. The wrong performance goal can lead to bad or misleading results.

In most cases, use a performance goal that represents the action that you want. Don’t get cute. Avoid upper funnel actions for performance goals.

3. Attribution

It’s become a greater challenge post-iOS 14, and it will only get more difficult. Set up the pixel, API, standard and custom events, and custom conversions. Your ability to properly and thoroughly define and pass events will help provide a fuller picture for Ads Manager reporting, but it will also help deliver your ads to the right people.

Know how to interpret results, and validate them with third-party tracking.

Compare Attribution Settings

4. Your Budget

Not everyone has the luxury of big budgets. But know that more volume can help you get better results. You can do this by spending more or by consolidating and limiting competing campaigns and ad sets.

Start with these four things. They are where you can make the greatest impact on performance. Everything else is secondary.