Ads Do the Targeting Now

Your ad does the targeting now…

We’ve heard this phrase a lot lately. Here’s what it means.

Facebook ads of old prioritized targeting. Advertisers separated themselves by finding the perfect combination of demographics, interests, and lookalikes.

Meta ads targeting has evolved. Broad targeting and machine learning changed everything. Meta’s been expanding audiences, in some cases without an option, for more than a year now. Advertisers find success by removing all targeting, like with Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns or using Advantage+ Audience.

You’re wasting time and maybe money if you are still messing around with interests and lookalikes. Stop obsessing over targeting.

Meta uses your pixel data, conversion history, and prior ad engagement to determine who sees your ads. That’s why your ad does the targeting now. The images, videos, and copy that you use need to attract your ideal audience.

You control targeting by making your copy hyper-focused to appeal to the right people and not attract a general audience.

Your ads are more important than ever before.