Benefits of Combining Ad Sets

There was a time when creating multiple ad sets per campaign made more sense. You might create different ad sets to test out unique cold targeting. This was possible and potentially useful because you could control and limit the overlap between them.

Facebook Ad Sets

But now that audiences usually expand, this is counterproductive. If you’re using Advantage+ Audience or even the original audiences while optimizing for conversions, your inputs automatically expand. The initial inputs may be unique, but the expansion will result in significant overlap.

Advertisers often resist combining into a single ad set, but there are benefits.

1. Combining Budgets

Combining ad sets gives one ad set more data and optimization power. You may not be able to get enough results to exit learning with four ad sets, but you may be able to with one. If you struggle to exit learning now while using multiple ad sets, you are limiting your results.

2. Limit Auction Overlap

If you have multiple ad sets attempting to enter the same auctions, each ad set may become less effective. Meta prevents each ad set from entering the same auction, so one ad set may underdeliver. Combining these ad sets and limiting overlap will make the optimization for delivery more efficient.

Some Extra Ad Sets Are Okay

Don’t misinterpret this advice. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t test multiple approaches. When possible, avoid doing it all at once.

It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever create multiple campaigns or ad sets. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, and that extra ad set may have minimal, if any, negative impact.

Just make a conscious effort to limit unnecessary competing campaigns and ad sets when you can. Consider this when constructing your campaigns.