Will Meta Remove All Interest Targeting?

To be clear, Meta hasn’t said that they’re doing this. BUT, the writing is on the wall.

More detailed targeting options will be removed on January 15th. Whenever there’s an announcement about detailed targeting, it’s about Meta removing options rather than adding them.

The trend is towards broad targeting. Advantage+ Shopping is a perfect example. The advertiser doesn’t provide any targeting inputs at all for these campaigns. Targeting is determined algorithmically.

Even with Advantage+ Audience targeting, which is the default now, any inputs you provide are suggestions. Regardless of the objective. Those interests just aren’t that impactful anymore.

Advantage+ Audience

Meta’s hinted at a version of Advantage+ Shopping for leads, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this roll out to other objectives.

So… has Meta said that all interest targeting will be removed?

No. They haven’t.

But would I be at all surprised if it happened by the end of 2024?

Heck no. And really, it’s the logical projection based on trends. I’d be more surprised if it doesn’t happen — or at the very least, if interest targeting isn’t further deprioritized.

What do you think? Is interest targeting on the way out?