Meta is Eliminating Interests Again

Meta says that they are discontinuing some detailed targeting options because they’re redundant, too granular, relate to sensitive topics (like health, race, or ethnicity), or due to legal or regulatory requirements.

Meta Eliminating Interests

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They’re doing this starting on January 15, and you’ll see a warning banner at the top of your Ads Manager campaigns page if any of your advertising is impacted. Your existing ad sets that use this targeting can continue to run until March 18. After that, delivery to those interests will stop and your ad sets may be paused.

Meta Eliminating Interests

This kind of announcement isn’t new. Almost two years ago, Meta announced the exact same thing. What’s weird is that you’d think these detailed targeting options would have been cleaned up already.

But here we are.

Meta doesn’t provide a list of the impacted targeting options, so it’s difficult to measure just how big of a deal this is. You likely won’t know whether you’re using any of these interests until January 15th.

But, I keep saying it. Prepare yourself for a day when interests are eliminated. Don’t become too attached or reliant on granular interest-based targeting options. The trend is moving away from your targeting inputs and towards algorithmic targeting.