Special Ad Categories for ASC

Another update to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns…

When Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns were first introduced, Special Ad Categories did not qualify. If you were promoting something related to Credit, Employment, Housing, or Social Issues and Politics, you needed to go with a manual campaign.

But that has changed. You can create an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign to promote a Special Ad Category now.

Special Ad Categories

Like every update, there’s some haziness regarding how new this change is. But I just wrote a blog post about Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns a couple of weeks ago, and this restriction was still in place for my ad account. I ran a search of articles on this topic, and there were some from this year talking about how Special Ad Categories didn’t qualify.

But anyway. They do now…

How to Use

Using Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns for these categories may not have made much sense initially. These campaigns are optimized for e-commerce brands, and that’s just not a natural fit for credit, employment, housing, and politics.

But Meta rolled out a change during the past couple of months that allows you to select any standard or custom event as your optimization event.

Advantage+ Shopping Conversion Events

While it’s technically a “Shopping” campaign, you could use Leads or Complete Registration. I could see that used for these categories.

Categorize Your Ads

If you’re not sure if what you’re promoting qualifies as a special ad category, some ad accounts see a “Categorize Your Ads” button when creating campaigns.

Categorize Your Ads

This takes you through a series of questions to determine if what you’re promoting needs to be categorized.

Categorize Your Ads

Will you use Advantage+ Shopping campaigns for special ad categories?